Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Legs and Bare Midriff Model Walking In Manhattan

Kendall Jenner, err, just Kendall, is now officially a professional fashion model living the life in New York. This means you can’t just walk in ratty shorts down the streets of Manhattan even if that would be world’s easier. Nope. You’re going to be photographed from every angle. You need a nice leg baring slit skirt and tummy showing top just to grab a slice down the end of the block. And, no, you’re not eating slices, though that is my dream someday to do with my supermodel girlfriend.

It seems like just yesterday Kendall Jenner was a young teen waiting to drop out of high school and begin her journey to hot catwalking clothing mannequin. Now that she’s finally here, it’s almost hard to believe. But the more I stare at her nubile now perfectly legal body, the more I realize it’s all real and even better than could have been imagined. And this is just the start. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Underboob Takes Paris By Storm

Kendall Jenner is now model mode full time. Whatever it is she was before, she’s now 100% fashion model completely with showy catwalks and revealing outfits and that distant model gaze. She’s kind of perfect for this job. You might say she was born for it, if not bred and reared. And, quite frankly, she looks pretty damn hot (not to mention tall and lean) showing off some funbag flesh in Paris. I don’t see why she can’t legitimately make it as a fashion model, and all the skills that that entails. She was certainly launched by her famous family name, but she seems to have the real chops for this kind of posing and strutting.

Kendall, I remember when you were just an innocent young Kardashian. Actually, I don’t remember that. But I do remember when you said you wanted to do something on your own, completely different from the rest of your family. Nothing could be more distant from big-boob show modeling and reality show stardom than being a celebrity fashion model. I applaud you and your underboobs. Well done. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Flashing Skin on the Parisian Runways

You’re not legitimately a fashion model until you’ve walked the runaways in Paris. I don’t know, I’m probably just making that up, but it seems like something people who dress nicer than me and smoke long thin cigarettes would day. Kendall Jenner got her turn last night on the big European stage hitting the catwalk with her distant blank gaze and a dress that reminded me of the portcullis some nerd opponent in a heated D&D game once informed me had just crushed my mountain giant. You’re not leaving an impression on the hoity-toity unless you’re showing skin on the runway. Kendall Jenner very much obliged. Not that you ever need to tell a Kardashian to flash a little something something when a crowd is assembled.

Kendall truly has made the transition from high school dropout model wannabe to full fledged teenage fashion model. It kind of brings a tear to my eye. Or would, if only a couple or three of those straps would have failed on her wardrobe. Tears of happiness. Coming soon I am quite certain. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Topless Covered Full Set from Russell James ‘Angels’

Call her an angel or the daughter of the devil, you must really look at the full set of Kendall Jenner in the new Russell James photobook, Angels. While Kendall isn’t a V.S. Angel like the remaining cast of the book, there’s no doubt that this Kardashian offspring has achieved new heights of long and lean modeling poses that none of her shorter, rounder sisters ever could. This is kind of magical. Not quite as magical as if she moved her hands and unfurled her full body, but we’re getting there. Give it a little time.

Kendall hasn’t exactly broken out in full party mode since turning eighteen last year. Rather, she’s applied herself to becoming the sextastic walking mannequin she was always destined to be. She seems to have the chops and then some. If she’s fortunate or just lucky, she’ll move overseas and begin a non-communicative relationship with her destructive family. Maybe just be the hot model who lives in the estate up on the Moldovan mountains. Not too shabby. Enjoy. 

Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kendall Jenner, and More Naked Models in Russell James’ Angels Photo Book

Candice Swanepoel, Kendall Jenner and More Topless Models in Russel James 'Angels' Book
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Well, the Victoria’s Secret Angels, along with a not so random Kendall Jenner, decided to strip off their clothes for celebrity nudist extraordinaire photographer Russell James and his latest photobook project, Angels. It seems obvious why the angels are in the angels book. Kendall Jenner a little less so perhaps. Albeit, we’re not going to look a gift Kendall Jenner almost kind of nude in the mouth. It’s a nice thing. She’s a hot thing. And this is truly Kendall all grown up.

Nevertheless, the true stars of the visual wonderments are the nude girls like Candice Swanepoel, Martha Hunt, and Alessandra Ambrosio and some of their female hottie cohorts. I’m prepared to give this book two enormous thumbs up, just as soon as both become available. Superb work, Mr. James. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Butt Cheek Flashes Beneath Very Short Dress at Fashion Week

You simply can’t be a top fashion model without showing off the full extent of your long and lovely legs both on the runway and when out and about. They don’t hire 5’9 and above for you to hide your luscious length. Kendall Jenner knows it’s only the highest of hemlines at Fashion Week of all places, sometimes skirts so shirt, well, your buttockal cushions flash in the evening air. Personally, I couldn’t be more pleased with her progress.

Kendall definitely has the stems of a runway model. Being eighteen, she probably doesn’t even have to work at it super hard yet. Those legs will carry her a long way. I have a few suggestions as to the direction. Example, my boudoir. I’d at least like to hear the conversation as to how my paycheck is two zeroes too small to be in the game. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Risque Lingerie Modeling for New York Fashion Week

Well, hello to big time modeling work, Kendall Jenner. Gone are the days of being a schoolgirl not in school or abiding by your parent’s strict curfew of 4am. Kendall, as she is now single-named known, was strutting her barely legal body in Tommy Hilfiger silly but quite showy lingerie for New York Fashion Week. That’s quite legit work. And make no mistake about it, in addition to being a scholar, Kendall Jenner is a legit model.

Kendall has always had the perfect elements to be a fashion model. Seeing her Funions mostly visible in her see-through lingerie leads me to believe she will go far in this business, hopefully at least fully nekkid far, then she can retire and return to authoring books, her true passion. Kendall, we’ve all waited some time for this moment, you’re all grown up now, it’s your time to shine, topless preferred. Enjoy.