Kendall Jenner

Blake Lively, Kendall Jenner, and Adele Exarchopoulos Highlight the Hotness at the ‘Grace Of Monaco’ Cannes Premiere

I can't say Cannes is exactly where'd you expect to see Kendall Jenner, but what the heck. Tall, pretty, 18-year old girls are pretty much welcome anywhere they want to go. Blake Lively was also in attendance at the Grace of Monaco premiere at Cannes and she can light up a red carpet with hotness like nobody's business. Joining the twosome in the sextastic was cleavy Adele Exarchopoulos from only one of the best erotic lesbionic films of last year that broke big at Cannes.

Quite an assembly at the snooty French film festival that does delight our visual senses annually with many of the world's hottest women getting decked out to walk its massive red carpets. It's a square deal for us gentleman oglers, especially since we're never forced to go see these films lauded at Cannes as must-sees. No sir, bring me Godzilla! Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Leggy in White for Simple Jenner Lusting

Kendall Jenner is now at that age and modeling stage when she can do the grown up little white shorts and sheer tee on the steps pictorials. Blessedly so. It takes a real model to pull off such simplicity, and it's hard to deny that Kendall has the tall, lean, feminine chops for this kind of posing you normally see from Victoria's Secret angels and the like.

I can't help but be wistful watching Kendall get all womanly and grow'd up. I can't help but harken back to a simpler time when her mom was using her as a young girl on her new TV show, or she was just first dropping out of school to sell licensed merchandise and Tweet full time. They do leave the nest so soon. But looking like Kendall does, it should be a fairly smooth flight. Enjoy.

Rihanna Sheer Boobtastic, Kim Kardashian Panties Flash, Zoe Kravitz Near Lady Nest Exhibition and Other Goodies from the Costume Institute Ball at the Met

I can always tell when one of the season's grand balls is taking place, because I'm home eating Klondike bars and watching Lifetime and wondering when my Prince Charming will arrive to pick me up. He never comes, ah, the story of my life. But, thankfully, I do have spies at all of these events, spies with powerful lenses to pick up the hotness from a bevy of decked out ladies trying to out show-off each other on the red carpet of the Metropolitan Museum. The Costume Institute Ball is one of the biggest celebrity galas of the Spring season, a must attend for the rich and famous, the famous, the rich, or just super hot women who get to walk amongst them.

The haute couture led to some surprisingly nice revelations, including Zoe Kravitz slit skirt nearly revealing her fine feathered lady friend in a commando undercarriage, Kim Kardashian flashing her Spanx looking boy hold-them-togethers, Beyonce looking cleavetastic, Rihanna sheer funbag show, Zoe Saldana looking wicked hot, Kendall Jenner looking all grown up, and much much more. Was that event of the season, as they say. I'll say this -- if you love your dress up sextastics, you at least had to peep from the rope line. Quite a show indeed. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kelly Brook, and Bella Thorne Highlight the Hotness at Coachella Weekend Dos

I must admit, I totally forgot there was a second weekend of Coachella. Maybe it was the first thousand people who felt obliged to mention they'd been to Coachella and you totally have to go to Coachella and Coachella was awesome that threw me off to the fact it was only halfway done, but, indeed, this past weekend there was a second gathering of thousands of hip hippy chicks and their boyfriends in the California desert to celebrate what is turning out to be an electronic dance music heavy musical foray. Nevertheless, the sextastic babes of Tinsel Town got into what their stylists assured them would be perfect for Coachella wardrobes and hit the VIP gated off section of the polo fields for some exhibitionism and public spectacle showtime.

Some of the second weekend hotties includes Kelly Brook, who worked hard not to show off her panties, sadly, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner for a second weekend in a row showing off some skin, Bella Thorne, another teen without school concerns showed up with her big boyfriend, Diane Kruger, and others rounded out the good looking babes beneath their retro 60's fashions. Oh, the music may have stopped, thankfully, but the visual treats will linger in the mind for some time. Which is the point of outdoor concerts in the first place. The women. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Booty Cheeks In Shorts at the Coachella Festival

Kendall Jenner shows off her booty in short cut-offs at the Coachella music festival. Kendall is attending the outdoor music fest along with a lot of other celebrities. What this outfit shows is that the best part of these outdoor music festivals isn't the music, it's the scantily clad outfits that the ladies wear. This is a truth that goes back to the days of Woodstock. Kendall is a particularly hot girl with a variation on the famous Kardashian/Jenner booty. She puts the cut in cutt-offs with these shorts. They show just the right bit of butt cheek peaking out of the bottom. Much more and it would be indecent. If it was longer it would just be a pair of boring old jean shorts. This is the genius of Kendall Jenner. For a young girl she understands what sexy is and what it is not. That's a rare thing in today's youth. My hope is that young girls will take a page from her fashion playbook and practice proper butt cheek implementation.

It kind of makes me wish that I was at Coachella so I could behold this sight in person. Maybe next year.

Kendall Jenner Booty and Camel Toe Delights in Blessed Stretch Pants Leaving the Gym

Whoa. I feel like this is something of an egg we've sat on for years waiting to hatch and now it's finally cracking. Not that Kendall Jenner and her barely legal Kardashian framed visuals haven't been on mature display for some time. But that's been paid work. Now it's candids. And now it's one sweet workout booty and thanks to the blessed gift of stretch pants, some Kendall Jenner camel toe.

I think this might be the first sighting of such. This must be how one of those European explorers felt when they traveled on a boat named something and found something far away. I must admit, I didn't pay much attention in history class, so you fill in the blanks. As for me, I'd prefer to discover the mysteries of the sextastic female body, including now grown up model and hot commodity, Kendall Jenner, showing off her fun bits all sweaty and workout like. She's a keeper. I love a good camel toe in the morning! Enjoy.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Hit the Club for Diddy’s Kids Birthday

I remember when I turned sixteen and my dad through me a killer celebrity-filled party at the city's hottest nightclub. No, wait, that was Sean Combs kid over the weekend. I got a punch in the shoulder and told I could come back and visit on Christmas if I brought booze. Similar in a way, although I didn't get world class high school dropout models Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner coming to my soiree.

The two teen modeling sisters along with half-sister Khloe who somehow didn't find her way into these photos hit the hot club for the rapper kids big sweet sixteen. What the girls lacked in raw skin show they made up for in black leather and pure young model angst and indifference. The Jenner girls are growing up so fast. Thankfully we've been documenting it carefully for posterity. Enjoy.