Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner’s Bare Midriff Goes Shopping At Barneys In Beverly Hills

Kendall Jenner is my favorite member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. I know this is a controversial statement, but I stick by it. I think she is by far the hottest one and has the best body. Case in point, this crop top outfit that exposes her bare midriff. It’s simply perfection. Her tummy is nice and toned and she can really pull it off. She’s got a small little waist and nice round hips, a true hourglass shape. Sure, she doesn’t have a thumper of the magnitude of Kim or Khloe but I like her booty. It’s like the butt the Goldilocks picked, not too big or small but just right. She’s also got a charming pair of ta-tas that also look great in this tight shirt.

I also love Kendall because she shows off skin in a tasteful way. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes, not all the time. I like a see-through shirt and no bra as much as the next guy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Kendall And Kris Jenner Dance In Tights For Love Magazine

As much as I love lust long for Kendall Jenner is as much as the sight of Satan’s least favorite daughter, Kris Jenner, really burns me britches. So I was kind of mixed reaction on sharing these otherwise Kendall in stockings lovely bit of Yuletide merriment from the ongoing Love magazine advent video collage. How mom got a slot in this show is only known between herself, the magazine, and whatever suitcase full of cash exchanged hands. Either way, if you close one eye and focus on the goodness that is Kendall Jenner in her underthings dancing as a reindeer, it’s still pretty hot.

Parents have been ruining their kids mojo since the dawn of time. It’s sort of their job. Kris Jenner is a little different in the scope and breadth of her attention and fee robbing lengths. Nevertheless, I’m kind of Kendall obsessed now that she’s a late teen and I can fully express my feelings with those anatomically correct dolls they use in court cases involving children. Kendall, let’s do Christmas together this year. You can tell mom to stay home if you would please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Doug Inglish @ Love Magazine

Kendall Jenner Covered Topless in Love Magazine, The Full Hot Spread, As It Were

There’s simply no denying that Kendall Jenner has made the modeling industry her bitch. Silver spoon and family connections and not deserving her spot and all other criticisms that don’t really matter aside, Kendall is now one of the biggest gets in the fashion and photography business. I’m not sure she’s done anything particularly herself to cause this beneficial outcome, but she does look mighty tall and lean and hot, so that’s a big something.

Kendall’s Love magazine photos in black and white and hot all over have kind of trickled out in past weeks, but viewing the entire set is something of a spiritual experience. Love or hate the Kardashians, or even Kendall herself for whatever reason, I think you’d have to admit you see her underlying talent for this walking and posing sextastic mannequin line of work. She’s going to be huge. Good for you, Kendall. This is what you wanted and none of us oglers can hardly complain. You look good. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

Kendall Jenner Naughty Spanking from Santa (Um, Yes, This Is Heaven)

Holy Yuletide Erections, Batman!

When Kendall Jenner announced she wanted to be a real model, we all kind of took it not so seriously. But, one year later, here she is in stockings and garters over Santa’s knee being spanked for all kinds of naughty activities we can only imagine in the funnest part of our brains. I can’t think of anything more real modeling than these alluring Yuletide poses in a Love Magazine seasonal video sensation.

Kendall Jenner has always been the taller, leaner, better looking Kardashian. I really honestly thought her older sisters were going to off her at some point during her maturation process. But here she is, matured to the point of near perfection. If you don’t believe me, just ask the guy who got to play Santa in this revealing photoshoot and see what he thinks. Lucky bastard with the modeling job of the century. Oh, baby, if this is the tip of the Kendall Jenner iceberg, I’m ready plow my Titanic dead ahead. That might actually be my third back dick joke this paragraph, I’m too embarrassed to re-read. Go Kendall! Enjoy.

Photo credit: Love Magazine

Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Suki Waterhouse Nips and More Hotties at the British Fashion Awards 2014

I know, it’s hard to imagine anyone hold an important fashion event without me being in attendance to comment on the haute couture. I am after all ranked number 17 in the world by Uppity Fashion Critics magazine’s Top 100 Snooty Fashionistas. Something I’m both proud of and tremendously ashamed at the very same time. But the British Fashion Awards took place without me, but by way of far greater gets, they did have a gaggle of sextastic celebrities decked out in their finest in my stead.

Kendall Jenner looked quite desirable, as did young model Suki Waterhouse in a see-through top, Rihanna braless, and Rita Ora looking cleavetastic as usual, but never taken for granted. That right there was several eyefuls of hot lady boobtastic strutting the red carpet and making clothes be somewhat relevant on a woman for at least one London evening. Next year, I’ll expect a front row invitation, BFA’s. And, please, don’t hector me if you happen to notice I’m on my back on the runway with my camera facing up. It’s how I relax my tense back. Enjoy.

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Kendall Jenner Lingerie and Garters Sneak Peek at Love for the Holidays


A little welcome to December, post holiday gift from me to you. Well, from Kendall Jenner in lingerie to Love Magazine, a sneaky look her this morning at the delightful 19-year old model in black lingerie and stockings and sporting a Santa’s helper’s hat. My name isn’t Santa, but I must admit, I’m feeling rather helped at the moment.

I’m not big into omens, but I’m reasonably dumb enough to read the tea leaves and believe them. If Kendall Jenner in hose and heels bent over posing is how this week is going to kick off, it’s going to be one mighty fine week. Bless you, Kendall. And the makers of black lace hosiery everywhere. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Love Magazine

Jennifer Lopez, Charli XCX, Selena Gomez Highlight the 2014 American Music Awards Red Carpet Hotties

As usual, I’m forced to take back all my mockery of the musical craptastic that is the American Music Awards. As always, the 2014 version may be a celebration of some true auditory torture, but it remains one of the single biggest night of decked out Hollywood hotties goodness of the year. There’s something to be said for that. That thing is mostly just ‘thanks’. Wow, the process of sextastic pop divas and celebrity invites was just unending tonight.

Some of my favorites were Jennifer Lopez, just so smoking hot, Charli XCX ogle worthy for sure, Selena Gomez form fitting goodness, Kate Beckinsale, Heidi Klum, Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Zendaya Coleman and many more looking outrageously fine. Check out the ladies. If you watch the show, well, that’s on you. I’d keep it on mute, then you might have something to store in the visual vaults. Enjoy.