Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa Green Bikini Time Down Cabo Way

Now you know we own the palm trees down in Los Cabos, filling them with our telescopic lenses such that we may share in the abundance of sextastic celebrities who make their way down to this Mexican resort for bikini time sun-soaking.

The most recent catch is morning talk show veteran Kelly Ripa, who while we’ve been trying to feed her a sandwich for the better part of a decade now, certainly shines as a 40-something in a smallish bikini poolside whilst unwinding on vacation. Kelly may not have the most slamming body around, but she holds up nicely against her morning talk show peers, most of whom you will not be seeing in bikinis around these parts. Good on you, Kelly. You keep flashing so we can keep evaluating. We both have our roles to play. Enjoy.

Daytime TV Worth Watching: Liv Tyler and Kelly Ripa On-Camera Upskirts

We’ve all been through periods in our life when we’ve check out daytime television. It’s called unemployment. (Or, senior year of college and your roommates television he brought from home.) Though, I must admit to being a little rusty on the matters of such daytime gabfests as The View and Live with Regis and Kelly, I’m pretty sure they’re like sports, but for women, who like to nod their heads in agreement, and then buy shampoo. But, today, I’m finally taking note of these strangely popular shows thanks to an nice short skirt peek courtesy of veteran sexy Liv Tyler and another flash up and under the skirt from Kelly Ripa. It’s amazing to me on all these news and women’s coffee klatch shows how all these ladies in short skirts are asked to sit on high stools and sofas and manage to keep their legs crossed for a solid hour. Well, sometimes they don’t, thankfully. Enjoy.

Kelly Ripa Braless Pokies For Morning Talk

The only time I’ve ever seen the Regis & Kelly morning talk show was during a hangover barf session after an inexplicable Two Buck Chuck drinking party. About once a year, we post a little Kelly Ripa nipple on Egotastic! It seems like an annual tradition that this bleached-blonde, Botoxed, former soap actress turned morning talk show diva, serves up some glimpses of her petite top and perky boobs, in this case, Kelly Ripa pokies through a summer dress in N.Y.C. Is it a big something? No. Is it a something? Yes.

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More Kelly Ripa Bikini Pictures

Kelly Ripa enjoyed some more fun and sun in her bikini, on what I assume is her vacation. Unless the Regis & Kelly show is taking a new direction. I still don’t want to see Regis in a bikini, though. And no, I don’t know what the fuck is up with Kelly Ripa’s belly button. I really hope she doesn’t have an Alien living in there…

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Kelly Ripa Bikini Pictures

She might be an annoyingly chipper morning talk show host, but these Kelly Ripa bikini pictures prove that she’s also a really hot morning talk show host. Thankfully, these are Kelly Ripa bikini pictures, and not Regis Philbin bikini pictures.