Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne Cleavage Demands Your Attention

I’ll say this for Kelly Osbourne, she simply will not stop trying. That’s a good thing, an admirable thing, and at the Black Diamond Affair event in Hollywood, it was a very cleavetastic thing.

Kelly’s always placed herself in a rough position, with so many model and hot actress friends and a not so advantageous genetic Osbourne legacy, but she keeps on keeping on, accentuating the positive, err, pushing up the positive into positively blown up proportions. I looked. I did I did. Enjoy.

Kelly Osbourne Bikini Pictures Put the Bum Up and Down Under

Kelly Osbourne seems to have a rocky path. She’s up, she’s down. She’s in the hospital, she’s on the mend, she’s split up, she’s with some guy, she’s fired, she’s hired, she’s vomiting in the streets or she’s in some $5K dress on the red carpet. I suppose this is why she mostly appeals to other women. Men don’t go for drama unless it ends quickly in somebody being shot or stabbed or getting lucky with a lady.

Kelly is down in Australia doing something important no doubt, but took time away from her important stuff to put on a bikini and show off a bit around the pool. Now, we could comment on Kelly’s looks, but that’d only piss off some of you who have a Kelly thing. Let’s just say Kelly is packing a lot into that bikini of hers. I suppose there’a a fashion tip in there somewhere for the poochy gals. Enjoy.

Kelly Osbourne Bikini Pictures Are Candidly Crowley

Here’s the thing, at some point, your genetic destiny is to end up looking like one of your parents, maybe an uncle or an aunt, but this DNA stuff is pretty tight. These ridiculously hot celebrities we track on Egotastic! do not have fugly parents, and quite often, some smoking hot moms. That apple and tree thing is science.

And that’s something Kelly Osbourne might be wise to come to terms with. The second generation entertainment industry daughter travels in circles with models and sextastic actresses at hip Hollywood parties and has made a name for herself on TV with her style rants and so on and so forth, but, at the end of the day, there’s Ozzy and Sharon just kind of looking her right in the hereditary face.

But, here’s the good news, Kelly Osbourne ain’t a bad looking dame and she looks decent in a bikini, as we caught her candidly so on vacation in Hawaii. Be who you are, Kelly. Maybe take your top off every now and then. It couldn’t hurt. Enjoy.

Kelly Osbourne and Lourdes Leon Bring Out the Short Dresses to Pimp Material Girl

I must give it up for London Fashion Week. I don’t care if it’s supermodels, or supermodel wannabes, or just girls who look like Kelly Osbourne (let alone, young girls like Madonna daughter, Lourdes Leon), Fashion Week has them all out in the shortest frocks in their closet, seated in front rows facing rows of paparazzi at waist level. So, therein, you’re going to get some upskirts, it’s just gonna happen. And, it’s typically a good thing.

In this case, we have Kelly Osbourne, the face of the Material Girl clothing line (an odd choice we thought) along with fashion line spokesgirl and part owner, the aforementioned, Lourdes Leon, wearing impossibly short dresses for the calculating lens of dozens of snappers. We can only tell you, Kelly prefers white panties for such occasion. We have no official comment on Teen Lourdes. Enjoy.

Kelly Osbourne See-Through Panties Lead to a Glimpse of Ozz-Nest



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