Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook Is Getting Fit

English professional hot person Kelly Brook was spotted in steamy workout clothes on her way to the gym. There is a lot of stuff in these pics that me likey a lot. First of all, there is Kelly’s ample funbags which can barely be constrained by the mere cloth of her sportsbra. Her chi chis are my favorite kind of chi chis: huge. As if that weren’t enough, her tiny shorts are super tight and they show off and accentuate her killer thumper. I wouldn’t mind working on those glutes, if you get my meaning. She’s also flashing quite a toned and tight bare mid-riff that you could bounce quarters off of. Round it all off with a killer set of stems and you remember why she’s a famous model.

Namely, she’s got all the right parts in all the right places. Let’s just say that the good Lord spent a little extra time putting her together than all of our collective ex-girlfriends.

Photo Credit: INF

Kelly Brook Legs Will Break Me

As wonderful as Kelly Brook has been to the male libido this past decade, I do believe she’s only now peaking in terms of her sextastic allure. I don’t know if it’s the hotness that comes with a few veteran years of making men into mush, or the fact she’s been working out like nobody’s business (but mine) to get in TV camera shape for her new Ellen produced sitcom, but Kelly is looking more luscious and attractive than ever. That’s just my opinion. It’s not the only opinion that matters, just the one most important to me, and Kelly naturally who will certainly swoon when she hears my compliment.

The curvaceous British model and occasional thespianic is now pedaling and preening about Los Angeles and the warm weather in various leg and body revealing outfits, because, well, she’s got legs and a body that needs revealing. I’m sure England is sorry to lose her, but they must feel some pleasure in knowing she’s in a far far warmer place that allows for such outfits even in the waning days of winter. It’s a lend-lease reversal of the most glorious kind. Damn, those legs. I’d bet everything I’ve ever owned that they lead somewhere even nicer. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Kelly Brook Bootyful Bottom and Maybe a Little Toe in Stretch Pants

Oh, blessed stretch pants. How much appreciation you deserve, but unfortunately mostly only receive praise in women’s magazines talk about dressing comfortably throughout the day. Nay, you may be comfortable to wear, you are more than straining on the gentleman oglers who gaze upon your fabric stretched to the fare-thee-well over the curvaceous asstastic of Kelly Brook. So tight across her perfectly squeezable bum that you may very well be revealing some of her lovely cleft on the anterior. Absolutely delightful.

Kelly Brook has been hitting the gym hard and fast since landing her role in Ellen’s new sitcom about modern day families or something like that which will make it harder for me to watch since I have to to see Kelly Brook in the role of sexpot. Kelly’s clearly shaved a little off her sides while still maintaining that alluring sense of full-bodied woman that has made her the queen of daydreams the world over. Next time, let’s try even snugger stretch pants, Kelly. How tight can you take? I can go deeper. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF

Kelly Brook Shows Off Curves In A Tiny Tank Top And Tight Jeans

The lovely Kelly Brook was a model of curvaceous sexiness in a small tank top and tight jeans combo. The plunging neckline on her shirt gave us a bird’s eye view of her mighty cleav. Needless to say that Kelly has got some pretty righteous boobage. They give her the top part of an hourglass shape that all the boys come drooling for. But it is perhaps the splendid booty shown off in her tight jeans that I most like. I’m a boob man, myself but I do appreciate a nice curvy but taught butt. Kelly has both and has a nice face. There is nothing worse than a girl with a bitchin body, (as an 80′s surfer might say), and a messed up grille. But Kelly doesn’t have to worry about that, nope not one bit.

I really need to move somewhere where women are still dressing like this. It’s four degrees here in New York and women are wearing eight layers of clothes. Oh how I long for Spring.

Photo Credit: INF/FameFlynet

Kelly Brook In Stretch Pants Garners Secret Mini-Egotastic Admirer

I don’t normally like to show such saccharin sweet images, but when it involves the curvaceous wonder and a future Egotastic! reader, I just had to share.

Some guy got the genius idea to push his kid up to Kelly Brook with some belated Valentine’s Day flowers as she was taking her blessed T&A to the gym for further television series tightening. Kids are like puppies, the ladies just can’t resist. Pretty genius.

This lucky little tyke even got himself a big boobtastic hug. If you don’t think Kelly just launched him into manhood a few years on the precocious end, think again. That boy can’t possibly go back to Legos and Tinker Toys at this point. Oh, no, his compass is set for the direction of hot busty ladies in gym clothes. In this manner, our destinies are entirely parallel. Welcome to the club, little man. It’ll frustrate you at times, but trust me, you will never ever want to leave. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Kelly Brook Bikini Cleavetastic Workout Time

Kelly Brook has been working out something fierce of late, in preparation perhaps for her new Ellen-produced sitcom where she plays the buxom hottie, naturally. And equally as naturally Kelly has been loading up her Instagram account with a ton o’ hot bodied bikini and sweaty lunge time workout result photos just to let everyone know she puts in the gym time to deserve her faptastic curves.

Now, it’d be easy to think to yourself, no matter how much I workout, I’ll never look like Kelly Brook. What’s the point of even trying? That’s exactly my reaction too. I can’t tell you how much time and anguish it saves me. Far easier to sit back in the La-Z-Boy and ogle in active boobtastic mode. So much to delight in with Kelly Brook. So much exposed fun. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Kelly Brook Bikini Shoot For New Look and Old Hard Happy Feelings

I don’t like lists. I shall fight lists and listicles and superlatives to my dying breath, or until somebody pays me to feel otherwise. I mean, there’s standing on principle and then there’s being able to afford the big drink at the movie theater. Nevertheless, were I forced to make a list of some kind, say, the Top Ten Motorboat Dreamy Girls, you can bet Kelly Brook would appear somewhere on that vaunted top ten.

In her latest pictorial pimping her own bikini fashion line through New Look, Kelly shows you as much qualifications as you’d likely need to see to put her onto your lists as well. In an age of slender ladies, Kelly maintains her curvaceous and bodacious form that the cosmic designer implanted lust for deep within the male DNA. Just something about Kelly makes me want to make many babies to populate this planet. Also, pour honey on her funbags. Hey, it’s my DNA too, I’m adding my own flavors. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: New Look Swimwear