Kelly Andrews

Kelly Andrews Topless Black Lingerie Hotness for a Very Merry Mammarial Monday Morning

Kelly Andrews Topless in Black Lace Lingerie Photoshoot
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Okay, so you’re still in a Breaking Bad hangover, not to mention the real kind if you imbibed as heartily as I did this past weekend, but it’s Monday, so let’s face the reality that we have another five days straight of figuring out how to survive the work week. Now, you could always work, that’s clearly one option. Or, you know, you could look at some of the world’s most ridiculously hot celebrities and models taking off their clothes. Take a minute to think this one through. All answers are final.

Should you choose to go with the latter, you may wish to start your week by perusing the epically fine curvaceous and quite topless body of the tasty Kelly Andrews. She may have a name straight out of lesbionic middle school gym teacher central casting, but Kelly Andrews is no whistle blowing butch. Oh, no, she’s quite the fine feminine female form. You would be the one blowing the whistle. Welcome to your Monday. Enjoy.

(For all your Kelly Andrews hotness needs, be sure to visit the official Kelly Andrews modeling site.)

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Kelly Andrews Topless Blessed Bodacious Treats for a Mammarial Monday Holiday

Kelly Andrews Topless Treats in See-Through Lingerie
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If I’m going to be working on a holiday, I’m going to be staring, ogling, and leering at some of the finest funbags on the planet. It’s the only way I’m going to pull through this. Well, drinking at the office also helps, but I’ll deny that if it’s put to me. I just need to remember the clear out the bottles in the dumpster so the guy who comes through here each evening will stop referring to me as El Borracho.

Still, it’s a Monday and we’re not going to be remiss in our coverage of super fine mammaries, this week courtesy of the delightfully hot Kelly Andrews and her swollen to perfection chest in this see-through lingerie striptease pictorial. Everybody has their own holiday traditions, as for me, I’ll stick to Kelly, oh, how I’d love to stick to Kelly. Enjoy.

(For all your Kelly Andrews hotness needs, be sure to visit the official Kelly Andrews modeling site.)

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Kelly Andrews Topless Pink Thong Majesty for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

Kelly Andrews Topless in a Cut Out White Dress and a Pink Lace Thong
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Everyday of the week is a celebration of the faptastic boobtastic here on Egotastic, but on Tuesdays, well, I like to think it’s just a bit more special. A day to highlight the wondrous peaches on some of the girls we dream about late into the evening, well into the morning, and pretty much here at work all afternoon. Extremely sextastic female forms like Kelly Andrews, who does us the honor of removing her cut-out white dress and stripping down to just her rather alluring pink panties for a hot body show of Ta-Ta-Tuesdays proportions.

In a perfect world, Kelly is stripping right there for you in the office or abode. But, like you, I’m still waiting patiently on that world to exist. For now, I shall take my virtual grabs and stabs and the delightful sight of one amazingly bodacious woman stripping down to her skivvies. Enjoy.

(For all your Kelly Andrews hotness needs, be sure to visit the official Kelly Andrews modeling site.)

Kelly Andrew Topless Hot and Not So Innocent in White for Ta-Ta-Tuesday

Kelly Andrews White Lace Body Suit Topless Striptease
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Kelly Andrews is really coming into the forefront of my mind and related anatomical parts these days. The brunette hottie from the Liverpool area has one ridiculously hot body and that twinkle in her eye that lets you know, yeah, I’m going to let you see it, in just a bit, and you’re going to love it and thank me  over and over. A confident girl is a sextastic girl.

On Tuesdays, we celebrate all that is good and round and flouncy on particularly hot members of the fairer sex. Girls like Kelly Andrew who do so much to make so many men and curious women so very happy. Doesn’t our world need a few more Kelly Andrews? Or, you know, a lot more? Enjoy.


Kelly Andrews Is Hot and Purple and Topless All Over for Ta-Ta-Tuesday (VIDEO)

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On Tuesdays, sort of like most every other day, but not precisely so, we celebrate some of the finest melons belonging to the ripest fruit purveyors in our universe. It’s sort of an ode to whatever Norse god they named Tuesday after. I wish I had completed school. Not college, middle school. Then I’d know.

What I am officially ranked 1,175th in the world at though is identifying stellar faptastic funbags. And Kelly Andrews has got them. Two to be precise and they’re on full-motion display in this sextastic topless video from her personal collection. I can’t say it will make your entire day, but I can guarantee it will make your entire day just a little bit better. Or your money back. Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags (TGIF): Kelly Andrews Unveils Her Wonder Wares


Take two and call me in the morning.

Delicious, delightful, and undoubtedly hot glamour model Kelly Andrews has launched her very own boobtastic web address,, and we couldn’t be more open-jawed and drool-covered about it. Kelly Andrews is one of our newer favorite British celeb tata queens, a proud symbol of the fantastic funbags grown on that there island in the Atlantic. I really must look her up when I come to officially woo Pippa. Enjoy.

Holly Peers and Melissa Debling Take Center Stage in Naughty Nuts Pictorial (VIDEO)


Leave it to our bombastic boobtastic friends at Nuts magazine to identify that the total package of topless hotness is often greater than just the sum of its parts. Wait, maybe that’s backwards, because I am truly enjoying each and everyone of these parts. Specifically, the fantastic faptabulous funbag display of Holly Peers, Melissa Debling, Emma Frain, Kelly Andrews, and Lacey Banghard as they join sextastic forces to form a gaggle of supremely naughty girls for the latest edition of the magazine. You can call the upcoming royal wedding between Bill and Kate to be the highlight of the British social calendar this month, but if you haven’t penciled in these sexy glamour models jiggling their milky goods, your calendar just is not complete, my friend. Enjoy.

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