Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell Topless Pictures Go For Gold


We love Keeley Hazell, and we especially love Keeley Hazell topless, which is kind of her default setting, but that’s why we love her. Well, it turns out that Keeley loves the Olympics, or at least I think that’s what’s going on here. Keeley stripped down, and got painted in gold from head to tow, which definitely deserves a gold medal.

Anyone else envisioning a weird mix of James Bond and Star Wars fantasies after seeing these Keeley Hazell topless pictures, or is that just me?

And in case you don’t want any stupid gold paint obstructing your view, we’ve added a few more Keeley topless pics to give you a bit more to look at.

Keeley Hazell Topless, Just Cuz


Well, I think it’s official. Keeley Hazell’s singing career is as dead as we thought it would be. But that’s just fine, because it means Keeley’s back to paying the bills the old-fashioned way, by posing topless. Which is great, and I don’t want to criticize, but it doesn’t look like too much effort was put into these new Keeley Hazell topless pictures. I mean, she’s just standing there in her shorts with he boobs out. Which is fine, but a little lazy. Of course, this gives us more hope that if we do one day meet Keeley on the street, she would be that much more inclined to just take off her top.

Keeley Hazell Nude Is Maximal Hotness


Here’s Keeley Hazell nude in the June isse of Maximal magazine. If that sounds oddly familiar it’s because Maximal is the French version of Maxim. And if these Keeley Hazell nude pictures look oddly familiar, it’s because I think they are reprints of an older shoot. But that’s not even close to enough to stop me from posting them. Enjoy.

Keeley Hazell Topless Pictures are Nuts


We’ve all seen Keeley Hazell topless before, but Keeley Hazell topless pictures never, ever, ever get old. And thankfully, the super-geniuses at Nuts magazine have figured that out. That’s why they have this great new Keeley topless shoot in their latest issue. Genius.

So I guess that means Keeley’s singing career didn’t take off like she might have hoped…

More Keeley Hazell Topless is Nuts


Well, if it isn’t everyone’s favourite Pop sensation, Keeley Hazell topless again. I thought now that Keeley is a “singer”, she’d be giving up her naked ways, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, what with her latest topless outing in the newest issue of Nuts magazine.

If only all singers would get naked as much. Wait a minute… Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears are singers. Okay, I take that back. Only singers who look like Keeley should be getting naked.

Keeley Hazell “Sings” in “Voyeur” Music Video


Keeley Hazell is probably best known for having the best boobs in Britain, but now she wants to proove she’s got a set of lungs to match. Yes, that’s right, everyone’s favourite topless model now wants a singing career. Check out her debut single entitled “Voyeur,” a none too subtle reference to her day job where she gets naked.

So can she sing? Well, these days, all you need is a microphone and a copy of ProTools, and anyone can sing. Especially if they’re really just talking the lyrics like Keeley does. But with lyrics like “Your eyes are good to me,” and “I don’t care, you can stare” it doesn’t really matter what she’s saying.

Thankfully she hasn’t forgotten her roots. From sexy lingerie and leather outfits, to dancing on stripper poles, this video has just about everything you’d expect from a Keeley Hazell music video, including some nice close ups of her greatest talents.

Of course, it’s not like Keeley doesn’t have any experience in the Pop world. In fact, she did her best impressions of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Madonna for ZOO magazine. And by best impression, I mean topless, of course. Check out ZOO for lots more Keeley pics.

Keeley topless as Britney Spears

Keeley topless as Christina Aguilera

Keeley topless as Madonna

Keeley Hazell “Topless” Pictures


If you want to get technical, calling these Keeley Hazell topless pictures isn’t exactly accurate, since she is obviously still wearing a top. However, with all the holes cut in it, and the fact that she’s basically taking it off anyway, I hope you won’t mind if we just round it up. After all, as long as we get to see Keeley Hazell’s nipples, who cares what we call it…

Also, how sexy does Keeley look sucking that Coke?

Check out for more Keeley pics.