Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell Can Make Me Buy Anything

I'm not a fan of douchey body sprays, because that's what douchebags wear in lieu of proper cologne. And if they ever do discover cologne, you better believe they wear way too much of it. That being said, these new ads for Lynx body spray, featuring the super sexy Keeley Hazel in lingerie might have me rethinking my position. It's like those Axe ads. Everyone knew that wearing that awful stuff would not result in every hot girl in the world trying to jump your bones, but there's that little voice inside that says "maybe it's true." There are also those other voices telling you to burn down the post office, but you try to ignore those.

Keeley Hazell’s Nude PETA Pictures Get Loaded


If you liked those Keeley Hazell nude pictures for PETA from a couple weeks back, then you're going to love the rest of the set from Loaded magazine. Now, I know some of you are a bit annoyed at all the naked British hotties posted lately, but seriously, if you've got issues with Keeley Hazell nude pictures, that's your problem. Not mine.

I’d Rather Keeley Hazell Go Naked Than Wear Fur


First of all, women who pose naked for PETA never actually show the goods, and second, it's been a hell of a long time since we've seen any Keeley Hazell nude pictures, so the fact that Keeley Hazell got naked for PETA, and actually didn't cover up the fun bits is pretty awesome. And really, whatever your political stance on the fur trade, isn't it worth not wearing fur if it means women like Keeley Hazell will get naked for it?

Keeley Hazell Nude 2010 Calendar Preview


It's not quite what we were hoping for, but this preview of the Keeley Hazell Nude 2010 Calendar is still pretty freakin' hot, and may yet have some surprises in store. There's nowhere near as much nudity as the Keeley Hazell Topless 2009 Calendar - actually, there's none, unless you count slightly see-through bath bubbles - but we've yet to see the rest of the calendar, so who knows, maybe we'll actually get to see Keeley Hazell naked. What? Can't a guy cling to hope?

Also, the Keeley Hazell Swimsuit Calendar I posted the other week was actually from 2009, not 2010. Sorry?

Keeley Hazell Bikini Calendar is Out of This World

Even though it says "Swimsuit Edition" indicating there may be other editions, we probably won't get a Keeley Hazell nude calendar this year, what with Keeley not really doing the whole getting naked thing anymore, but if all we get is this Keeley Hazell bikini calendar, that's fine by me (mostly) because these are some of the hottest Keeley Hazell pictures ever (in which she keeps her clothes on). Of course, one should never give up hope that we will once again see the perfection that is a naked Keeley Hazell.

Keeley Hazell Bikini Pictures are Most Wanted

It's been a really long time since we've had any Keeley Hazell pictures up, and frmo what hear, we may never have any again, since Keeley wants to be taken seriously as an actress, and doesn't even want her old topless photos reprinted. I know! Thankfully, the gents at Ralph magazine have been gracious enough to offer up these Keeley Hazell bikini pictures as a reminder of just how refrickindiculously hot she is. So hot in fact, that my brains just melted, and oozed out my ear holes. Again.

Now who's gonna clean up this mess...?

Keeley Hazell’s Topless Witch is the Best. Halloween Costume. Ever.


You've got to hand it to Keeley Hazell. While everyone else is just stripping down to their underwear, or wearing knock-off Superhero costumes, Keeley Hazell's topless witch costume is the Best. Halloween Costume. Ever. In fact, it's so awesome, I'm thinking of going as a topless Keeley Hazell myself this year. Of course, I could never do the real thing justice. My boobs aren't that nice.