Kea Ho

Kea Ho is a Leggy Fixture in L.A.

I can live with another set of hot legs in town. Kea Ho, Don Ho’s modeling daughter who we saw last week modeling swimsuits for the phantom water company now seems to be firmly rooted in LA, including a nice short skirt and some long toned legs beneath. You know how much I love those sweet stems.

Well, Kea’s got them and she’s going to be something of a visual treat in the coming warm months I can already tell. As much as I bless the guy who invented stretch pants, the person who invented the short skirt for the ladies originally also needs a historical pat on the back. Epic job well done. Enjoy.

Kea Ho Nipples Barely Contained In Her Lingerie for Water Pimping Shoot

Let’s get this out of the way. Kea Ho is Hawaiian singer Don Ho’s model daughter. I don’t mean she’s a model daughter like a model citizen, I mean, she’s his daughter, and a model, and I think had a few roles now in a couple movies. She’s also 138 water pimping sextastic as the beverage marketer continues its nearly daily shoot of hot women about the beaches and byways of Southern California for some purpose yet to unfold.

Kea seems excited by the opportunity to lay in the water in swimsuits and lingerie. Her nipples seems ever so desperate to escape their bosomy wardrobe clutches. Nothing like nipples to sell designer water. Or milk. Enjoy.

Coco and Ice-T Renew Their Vows Amidst a Sea of Boobs

Say what you will about a love affair between a former gangsta’ rapper and a bubble-butted-bleached-blonde, but these two have been going strong for a decade now, despite what seems like a real star-crossed kind of thing going on. Ice-T and our queen badonkadonk friend Coco renewed their wedding vows this past weekend, which I think may make this their actual first official vows as Coco once told me that her first vows came in bed after a multi-day, non-stop run of rap-style boot knocking that had the two deciding on the spot that they’d be together forever. Guys, back me up here, but if you’re making lifelong commitments to a girl after a round in the sack, that’s some powerful mojo type animal sex going on right there. Still, it’s lasted far longer than most celebrity marriages, by some infinity factor or something, and the two still seem very much in the groove. It’s a beautiful thing, especially when you get silicone-valley friends Kea Ho and and Tila Tequila to don some skimpy bridesmaids thingees to witness your vow renewal.

Congratulations to Coco and Ice-T.