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Kelly Hu, Katrina Law, Stacey Dash Crazy Hot ‘In The Tub’ for Breast Cancer Charity

TJ Scott's In the Tub Available on AmazonYou know nobody loves breasts more than I do. Well, with the exception of you, perhaps. We don’t just admire, leer, and ogle, we also need to preserve, protect, and defend. Thus we couldn’t be happier to promote the just cause of Spartacus and Xena director TJ Scott (Twitter: @TJScottPictures) who got together, oh, a million of his super hot Hollywood female friends (and some male actors as well, if you’re into that XY chromosome gender) to get pretty nekkid in a bathtub for a beautiful photo book with all the proceeds going to support breast cancer charities.

If you happen to love women, boobs, or just receiving an amazing hard cover book filled with crazy hot images of sextastic celebrities in a bathtub, then I encourage you to purchase In The Tub. This is not an advertisement, just a goodwill gesture from a man who makes his living from women being so much hotter than men. Enjoy.

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Weekly Sextastic Twitpic Round Includes Maria Menounos, Sara Jean Underwood, the Hottie Trio of ‘Spring Breakers’ and Many More Self-Pic Celebs

In a day and age when all the publicists in the world are wrenching their Botox taut faces trying to get their clients to stop playing with their cell phone cameras, the girls of Hollywood just keep right on self-pic’ing. Naughty girls need love too, and they’ll will find it themselves if it’s not coming to them; there’s nothing like some Twitpics to do just the trick.

This week’s roundup of the best of the self-published sextastic celebrity pics includes offerings of dancing workout goodness from Maria Menounos, a celebration of National Cleavage Day from Sara Jean Underwood, many more private bikini pics from Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson on the set of Spring Breakers, Kari Byron white tank top goodness, Katrina Law wonderments, and many many more. You really owe it to yourself to check out the personal works of some of the hotter women of Tinsel Town. Enjoy.

Katrina Law and Megalyn Echikunwoke Highlight The Weekend’s Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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With all the other new and big award shows going on over the weekend, it might have been easy to miss some stellar cable outlet skin-on-TV scenes a’plenty, including one very memorable blood-letting topless action scene from Katrina Law in Spartacus Vengeance (along with fine performances from Bonnie Sveen and Viva Blanca. And a quite memorable strip down and funbag flashing from sultry hottie Megalyn Echikunwoke in House of Lies, along with a bit of boob top fun Shameless and a sexy bra and bit o’ slip show from Meagan Good in Californication

Remember, the best nekkidness in film is now on television. Enjoy.

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Boob Tube Roundup Includes Sexy Shots of Emmy Rossum in Shameless and A Return to Spartacus Roman Raunchiness (VIDEO)

Emmy Rossum in her bra in Shameless
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While most eyes of man-kind were affixed to the Super Bowl this past weekend, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some serious downfield carnage taking place on a couple of our favorite pay cable shows as well, including Emmy Rossum, flashing her body in a bra and her co-star Shanola Hampton flashing a bit more with Post-It notes on Shameless, as well as the return to the big little boob tube screen of the Spartacus series, this year named Spartacus: Vengeance, revenging onto the screen with some serious making of the sexy scenes and Greco-Roman boobery including Katrina Law and Bonnie Sveen. Enjoy.

PS. Be sure to check out the Post-It note on Shanola’s chest. Looks like some Shameless writers are spending some down low time on Egotastic! We love it.

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Katrina Law Drops Some Eurasian Style Hotness in Maxim India

If you’ve seen Spartacus Vengeance before, then you probably have an image of the super hot Katrina Law permanently engraved upon the happy part of your brain, and, if not, prepare for what might feel like a little stinging sensation. The Eurasian sextastic thespianic and former Miss Teen USA contestant provided a good measure of lingerie clad hotness for her pictorial appearing in Maxim India this month and you can feel the heat coming off the subcontinent from several thousand miles away. 

I like to think this Katrina Law sultry set is a Karmic gift, but then I remember you have to earn that. So let’s chalk this bit of unexpected hotness up to old-fashioned blind luck. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Vanessa Hudgens Upskirt, Miley Cyrus Bra Peek, Melissa Satta Nipple Slip, and Lucy Lawless and Katrina Law Spartanly Nekkid (VIDEO)


It’s all here this week. Like a giant mixed flavor pudding of celebrity sextastic with some revealing shots that are downright must sees. Enjoy.

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