Katrina Darling

Sneak Peek: Katrina Darling Racy Hot and Tatted Up in Inked Magazine

A big and hearty thanks to our friends at Inked magazine for an early share with our readers of Kate Middleton’s burlesque dancing cousin, Katrina Darling, showing off her body art in the about to be released edition of the magazine.

You already know of my fondness for Kate, who may or may not have used me to produce an heir to the throne of England. My infatuation for her cousin runs deep as well. Well, skin deep for sure, as I ogle her floral derma-designs. And to that body of hers she shows off on stage on a regular basis. The blonde wig itself is a nice tough. A complete package. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Inked magazine for the full Katrina Darling story and updates on other blessedly hot women with body art.)

Katrina Darling Burlesque Stripping In the Big Apple (Kate Middleton and I Do Not Approve!)

As you know, Kate Middleton and I will be making somewhere between nine and seventeen babies to repopulate the royal line, and as we reproduce like rabbits, we’re going to put a stop to this nonsense of Kate’s cousin Katrina Darling hitting cities around the globe and stripping down to her pasties.

And by stopping this nonsense, I mean, what the hell is up with pasties? This is 2012, time to show some of the royal funbags in full. Then, I shall make it rain, as I do with Kate when we are alone. Enjoy.