Katie Holmes

Gangster’s Paradise

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Did Katie Holmes Flash Some Nipple on National TV Last Night?

You be the judge on just how much raspberry the former Dawson’s Creek star was flashing beneath her pumpkin costume on last night’s How I Met Your Mother.

(Thanks to EgoFan ‘Tom O’ for this split second catch!)

Three-Way to Heaven

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Katie Holmes Bends Forward and Bends Over to Rock Our Ogling World (Just a Bit)

We don’t usually get much skin from Katie Holmes, our long time belusted Dawson’s Creek grad. But when we get any, like a nice down-cleavage shot, let alone a bright pink bra peek, and a might bonus butt shot, well, we get downright giddy. I mean, silly giddy, leering at some delightful fleshiness. Thank you, Katie, and thank you dude with quick shutter speeds snapping candids. Enjoy.

Katie Holmes Flashes Itty Bitty Bits of Skin

Me and Mrs. Cruise will always have a thing going on, a special connection of me lusting her and she ignoring me completely. But on those special days when Katie Holmes gets out and shows even the slightest amount of skin, no offense to Tom or Xenu, but I like to imagine she’s doing it for me. A short stroll in Pittsburgh in a tank top. I’ll take that. Enjoy.