Katie Downes

Katie Downes Chest Ups Lacey Banghard in Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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Does the world need a little war right about now? Well, not if we’re talking about the kind with real bullets, but if we’re speaking of two ridiculously hot women taking off their tops for a measuring Battle of the Boobtastic, funbag on funbag type virtual showdown, then, hell yes, the world needs a whole lot more of this.

In this week’s Page 3 showdown of some fine ladies with fine melons, we have saucy alluring Katie Downes pitting her puppies against a true Idol, Lacey Banghard, a girl whose name used to make us giggle, but now just puts the look on our face of a man hunting wild boar with nothing but a pen knife — serious and singleminded.

Two women I’d kill any one of you just for the chance to lick their ears, but whose ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Katie Downes vs. Lacey Banghard

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Katie Downes Throws Down Her Perky Pair Against Lucy Collett And Her Ginger Set in Thursday’s Page 3 Battle

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It’s summertime and the living is easy, but that doesn’t mean that the warm weather relaxation can’t be appropriately broken up with a little battle time between two babes going ta-to-ta in the only arena that matters, the sextastic Thunderdome. If funbag war is the answer, what is the question — well, how about, who’s got the bounciest pair?

This week’s Page 3 battle of the chest puppies pits Katie Downes, one alluring veteran hottie with killer jugs vs. our ginger glamour favorite, Lucy Collett, in a contest of the chestal region that is not to be missed. It’s our own version of UFC (Udder Funbag Collision). Enjoy.

Page 3 Topless Battle: Katie Downes vs. Lucy Collett

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Newcomer Katie Downes Boob-Battles Sam Cooke In Our Thursday Page 3 War of the Chest Roses


We love it when a relatively new competitor enters the no-cornered circle of flesh puppy competition we refer to weekly as our Page 3 Ta-on-Ta peaceful bit of violence. We’ve not really seen Katie Downes much before, but we are certainly now never going to forget her, or the twin-billed gems she brings to the ring today. As for Sam Cooke, a hot blonde veteran of the glamour model circuit, a woman who knows she’s hot and is not afraid to show it. That in itself is beyond sextastic.

Brunette vs. Blonde, Hotness vs. Hotness, Melon on Melon Goodness. Whose pleasure pillows reign supreme?

Whose Got the Hottest Page 3 Funbags?

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Rosie Jones vs. Katie Downes in Page 3′s Thursday Battle of the Chest Bulges


Oddly enough, at the still tender young 20′s age, Rosie Jones is something of a veteran flasher of the funbags here on Egotastic!, while more veteran glamour model, Katie Downes, with a couple of three more years of posing and primping sans tops for the major lads magazines is brand new to our blessed boobtastic kingdom. The two lovely limey ladies go toe to toe, nip to nip, in this week’s Page 3 flesh puppy matchup where the only losers are the people who’s wives and girlfriends won’t let them visit Egotastic! in the first place.

Who reigns supremre? Is it Rosie or Katie or would you just like to take a long nap between the four pleasure pillows whilst you ponder the question? Enjoy.

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