Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins Cleavetastic in Blue for Grown Up Party

Welsh classical singer Katherine Jenkins certainly doesn’t look like a classical mezzo-soprano, I mean, except for the hearty chest for booming out songs and providing epic visuals when decked out in low cut ball gowns.

Katherine put on quite the cleavetastic display over the weekend in London, the striking blonde showing off both her multiple talents at some fancy event for fancy people doing fancy things for a good cause. But nothing was finer than Katherine Jenkins and her chest of marvels. Classical music may not be your thing, but I’m going to go ahead and guess you’d sit for hours listening to Katherine Jenkins singing in your living room if it made her happy. Then, naturally, a throat lozenge. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Leather Pants Booty Meets Katherine Jenkins Boobtastic on the Set of Extra

I guess you can learn lots of interesting and mildly amusing fun facts about celebrities by watching Extra. Or, you can just sit back and ogle the stream of hot talent that appear on the show, most notably when being interviewed by our Grecian goddesses Maria Menounos. You throw in Maria in tight leather pants and the proud chesty goodness of British singer Katherine Jenkins, and you have downright must-see TV.

I’m not suggesting that it’s polite to stare at women’s bodies when they are merely trying to do their job, or pimp their products. But I am suggesting that it’s a perfectly natural response for which I give you a complete and total hall pass. See if that clears you with the wife and all. Enjoy.

Katherine Jenkins Bikini Pictures Reveal a Woman Who Can Sing, Dance, and Flash Some Amazing Cans

Well, since I’ve forbidden you from ever watching Dancing with the Stars, I’ll asume you know about Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins from her stirring classical singing performance at some fancy band shell or such. Well, now you may say you know her from the blonde 30-something legit singer and celeb from her unexpectedly hot bikini pictures down Miami way, where all the imports have been exporting hotness all winter long.

While parts of our fair land are covered in drifts of snow today, isn’t it heart warming to know that we are large enough a nation to still have warm weather hot spots for sexy lasses like Katherine Jenkins to exhibit their bodily wares and warm our cockles? I’d say so. Enjoy.

Katherine Jenkins Upskirt, Lady Gaga Down Butt, To Kick Of Your Week on Egotastic!

Katherine Jenkins is a real serious Welsh singer, so we were damn happy to see a real serious upskirt from the underrated blonde hottie as she partied by way of cab in London over the weekend. And, once again, the blessedly long-seated Old World taxis made possible an upskirt even from one of the classier fancy women around. All, hail the London car services!

Meanwhile, down Rio way, the inimitable pop diva Lady Gaga continued her antics, chasing school kids around a yard in Brazil, making the kids for the invention of the cootie-shot to ensure that whatever Gaga bio-transfers in Brazil, doesn’t stay in Brazil. Oh, and she did take a moment of our busy schedule to bend forward and flash her thong covered patooter. She’s a giver.

We’re kicking off another big week here shortly on Egotastic!, so, we needed a couple sextastic trumpets blaring.  Enjoy.