Katelynn Ansari

Katelynn Ansari Bikini Hotness Continues to Require Dousing With Expensive Water

I’m still not sure this water company 138 is actually selling any water, but the role they are playing in bringing out wicked hot girls to the beach to get all wet in their bikinis is certainly industry award worthy.

Katelynn Ansari takes a second dip behind the bottled water, letting the lucky ocean waves lap up and around her sweet and seductive bikini body that as far as I can ogle, shows no signs of imperfection. Obviously, I will need a much closer look before I sign off with the ‘USDA Premium’ sticker, but I’m sure Katelynn and I can arrange a short eleven hour session in a moderate to completely dark broom closet to to conduct such a detailed review. Enjoy.

Katelynn Ansari Bikini Models for 138 Water (Here Comes the Slow Pour)

If you’re name is Katelynn you’re pretty much born to be a bikini model. Not a lot of choices there. Thankfully for Katelynn Ansari, she grew quite nicely into her predestined occupation, most recently being the most recent 138 Water girl to take her turn in Malibu pouring the elusive bottled water-to-be onto her chest and generally wiggling around on the sand in her two piece trying to make you thirsty.

Pretty much working here. I am feel quite parched. A thirst perhaps only slaked by consuming this magical elixir directly from the amazingly hot bikini body of Katelynn. I’ll have to check the retail displays to see if she comes with a six pack or such, but I’d have to believe there’s some tie-in for those willing to pay actual cash money to drink water. Enjoy.