Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet Chesty Hot In Blue For Movie Premiere In London

Kate Winslet simply doesn’t get enough lust love for her abiding hottie looks. Not only a talented thespianic, but a routinely bare nekkid acting lady, Kate has survived three marriages and something like forty-seven children looking like one crazy put together MILF, just on the cusp of Forties and Faptastic. I sing her praises. Well, I can’t sing, so I’ll mostly resort to humming and groping. It’s been working so far.

Kate got all dolled up, decked out, and cleavetastic for her latest movie premiere in London. You couldn’t miss her or her bosom beauties in her bright blue designed to get every camera trained on her allure. And why the heck not. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And Kate has a whole lot of ‘it’. Mmm, mommy, hold me to your chest and tell me everything’s going to be okay, at least after you teach me a stern lesson about manners. I’ve been bad. Sometimes corporal punishment is the only way to cleanse. Enjoy.

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Mr. Skin Minute Features Milla Jovovich, Lucy Lawless, and Kate Winslet Flashing Serious Skin (VIDEO)

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It’s so effin hot in Los Angeles today that Kim Kardashian’s butt fat is melting down into her cankles. That’s hot. I am simply refusing to leave an air-conditioned space for more than the time it takes to run and get beer from the corner package store. Even the theater is too much this weekend, which is why if you’re smart, like I wish I were, you’ll pay attention to this week’s Mr. Skin Minute with sixty seconds of the best in skinema on DVD.

This week’s MSM includes a look at the only nekkid scenes of Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil, Lucy Lawless and Viva Bianco sharing a bath in Spartacus Vengeance, and a 3-D take on Kate Winslet nekkid in Titanic.

(And don’t forget to get your annual subscription to Mr. Skin to get it all, ALL, MOFO!)

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Kate Winslet Topless: The Best Ten Seconds of Titanic, To Save You Twelve Bucks

Kate Winslet Topless in Titanic
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My jai alai gambling partner Delmon Carp came crying to me the other night because his girl had made him go revisit Titanic in three dimensions. He was shaken, as a man, to what was left of his man-soul. As I held him to my bosom in a manner that brought shame to us both, I couldn’t help but think about the millions of other Delmons out there just awaiting their painful three hour tour with this romantic blockbuster.

So, if I may, let me try an ounce of prevention, courtesy of the only best moments of the film, sneak peeked for those who’ve not seen before — Kate Winslet topless. Yes, it was the monumental moment in the monumental film. It was like the opposite of running into an iceberg, it was like entering a warm, inviting place.

Kate Winslet has never received the recognition she deserves for this role, specifically, this ten seconds of her role, and all the subsequent nekkidness she has brought to the silver screen since. Enjoy.

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MSM Weekly Celeb-Flesh Filled Roundup Includes Kate Winslet, Ali Cobrin, and Madonna (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin Minute

This week is all about the classics from our friends at Mr. Skin who have put together a trio of topless wonderment suggestions for this weekends skinematic viewing.

Flesh on film forecasts include Kate Winslet topless in the re-released of Titanic, newcomer to the hottie scenes, Ali Cobrin, who bares her bodacious gems in American Reunion, and the Material Girl herself, Madonna, baring her then wholesome melons in Truth or Dare. Enjoy.

(P.S. Mr. Skin has graciously extended their 66% off Regular Subscription Price deal through the holiday weekend to Egotastic! readers. It’s like $6 a month or something crazy low like that now, if you act fast. So, act fast, or don’t, and cry later on.)

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Kate Winslet Cleavage Shines at Cesar Awards

While the French were dominating the Oscars last night, they also held their own movie awards in the home country over the weekend, bestowing some big honors upon some very important films I never intend to see, and upon major movie stars I’ve never heard of, however, they did invite one big name guest we do so utterly and secretly lust — Kate Winslet, who once again showed that not only is she one damn talented and oft-nekkid thespianic, but that when the occasion calls for looking hot and boobtastic, Kate is also your woman.

Oh, that cleavage will haunt me for the next four to seven minutes. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly Skintastic Rodeo Includes Rachel McAdams, Kate Winslet, and Holly Hunter (VIDEO)


Love is in the air this weekend before Valentine’s Day, as is the skin on film, with a preview of this weekend’s best available flesh cinema courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Rachel McAdams baring her top in My Name is Tonino, Kate Winslet flashing her full frontal bushiness in Holy Smoke, and Holly Hunter frontside and backside in her infamous role in The Piano. It’s all good..and nekkid. Enjoy.

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Kate Winslet Drops Sexy Carnage At Movie Premiere

Say what you will about Roman Polanski and his insidious hot tub etiquette in the 70′s, but the fugitive from justice can certainly direct a film. And cast. Like choosing the vastly underrated sextastic actress Kate Winslet to be the star of his new film, Carnage.

Kate Winslet is unique in her talent + hot body ratio in terms of the thespianics, there aren’t many two-tool players out there like Kate, who stole the show at the film premiere in this skin tight dress we’ve seen her in before, different color, but which startles the libido in each instance into realizing just how foolish you were to ever stop thinking about she-banging Kate. This mom has got one sweet body when she brings it out to play. Enjoy.