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Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz White Bikini Showdown on Set of ‘The Other Woman’

Right there in the script where it says Kate Upton character and Cameron Diaz character hang out on the beach in little white bikinis, right there is where I'm hooked. I don't need big CGI effects or exploding buildings or special surround sound, I just need a director of photography training his expensive camera on the sextastic parts of these two blonde hotties, two decades apart in age, but only inches away from each other in my special fantasy time arrangements.

Giggling around on the sand on the set of The Other Woman, Kate Upton and her amazing bikini body and Cameron Diaz and her long legs and still nice little veteran tush, remind us that most things in life are truly simple. We just feel a need to complicate them with a whole bunch of unnecessary details. Details I'd like to strip away in my trailer when Kate and Cameron come by to run lines with me. If the trailer is a rockin' do not come a knockin'.  Enjoy.

Kate Upton Bikini Pictures White Hot Boobtastic Reveals on Set of ‘The Other Woman’

You know I've already penciled in a theater-going date for the release of The Other Woman, coming out sometimes in 2014. Well, now consider that date set in pen. I know little about this film other than Cameron Diaz has bares her long legs, and now triple visually confirmed, Kate Upton flashes tons of her fleshy love rounds in various scenes in this film. Of course, some of these scenes could end up on the cutting room floor, in which case, I intend to sue filmmakers on the grounds of being idiots.

Last week we saw Kate Upton falling out of her top in a scene with Leslie Mann. Now, our hotly belusted 21-year old blonde bombshell as she ought to be, barely fitting into a white bikini on the beach. Just acres and acres of Upton to gaze upon and induce tingly feelings. Say what you will about Citizen Kane being the greatest film ever, it never had Kate Upton in an undersized bikini. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Topless Barely Covered Barely Body Painted Photos in 360-Degrees

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Thank you ever so much to 'Reg', who happen to remember that we have a feeling or two thousand for the uber-sextastic Kate Upton and just had to share these nearly topless pictures of the belusted 21-year old presumably from her work for SI Swimsuit photoshoots. It's about as close to Kate Upton topless as we've seen before, at least from these sideboob views currently being tattooed permanently into the gray matter in my skull.

Damn. How badly do I want to see Kate Upton completely nekkid and bouncing on my bed and daring me to try and tackle her? Oh, somewhere between crazy bad and out of my mind bad. I'm guessing you might have similar feelings. Enjoy.

Happy Chesty Birthdays, Kate Upton, Elizabeth Hurley, and Leelee Sobieski

I'm normally not a sap for birthday celebrations. After about age ten, I get suspicious of people who want to have big birthday spotlights. But, am I going to miss an excuse to show the chests of June 10th birthday girls like Kate Upton, veteran boobtastic hottie Elizabeth Hurley, and so truly missed full-puppied Leelee Sobieski. Not a chance I miss that low hanging fruit.

So, happy birthday to three swinging chicks. Each of whom should be expecting my personal spanking machine to be stopping by their homes at some point today. Or just sitting here at my desk. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Bouncing Flouncing Boobtastic on Film Set!

Remember just a few days ago when I said I've never like a movie set in The Hamptons ever?  I've officially changed my mind and the film, The Other Woman, is still in production. All I needed was to see Kate Upton on the set of the film bouncing around with her fluffy funbags going every which way, but sadly not loose. And I am officially a fan of this movie.

It'd be easy to say that Kate Upton chest giants make everything better. Easy to say because it's true! And while The Three Stooges was barely salvageable by Kate's presence, Moe never had such an eyeful of Kate's flouncing floppy fun bits. I'm giving this film three thumbs up. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Makes Us All Begrudging Yankees Fans for a Day

Okay, so if you're actually a Yankees fan to begin with, you know, either from N.Y. or just a major front runner with your sports teams, I suppose the fandom is not begrudging. But, for the rest of us, we'd grit our teeth and root for the boys in pinstripes if it meant a hot baseball night out with Kate Upton, who showed off at Yankee Stadium over the weekend.

Now, Kate is either trying to get noticed by the cameras, or perhaps one of the $100M + players on the Yankees who may be future boyfriends. There were already strong rumors last fall that Kate was dating Justin Verlander of the Tigers (one lucking effin' bastard). Who's next? Well, let's just say I've got my old Little League glove and some leather oil out, and the oil isn't for the glove.

Call me, Kate. Let's play ball. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Looks Like One Super Fine Fashionable Grown Up in Vogue

While we naturally love to see Kate Upton in less and less, I'd be lying if I didn't say seeing her spread her wings a bit into different magazine pictorial roles of a more mature nature isn't rather alluring, or, in this case, Vogue.

It's easy to begin looking at these photos and think of Kate as the cosmopolitan, err, vogue, girl from upstairs in apartment 3B, driving you all sorts of mad with her upscale attire and her trendy jazz records. And I do like easy. So, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Enjoy.