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2012 Pirelli Calendar Features Hot Nekkid Milla Jovovich, Kate Moss, Lara Stone


Honestly, how happy am I today? I thought the Pirelli Calendar had jumped the shark last year with it's pretty lame Karl Lagerfeld photoshoot and artsy-fartsy costumed girl presentations. I thought it was dead dead. But like a super hot zombie girl risen from the dead you can't help but make sweet sexy love to, the Italian tire manufacturer's annual private calendar is back, and back in a big way. With photog Mario Sorrenti at the helm, the 2012 edition of the iconic calendar has gone full nekkid sextastic, with the likes of Milla Jovovich, Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Isabeli Fontana, and (my future wife) Edita Vilkeviciute dropping their drawers and oiling up for an Italian photoshoot extraordinaire. 

Today, is a day to be very happy in celebration of a re-invigorated Pirelli calendar. Enjoy.

(Thanks to EgoReader 'Steve R.' among others who alerted us to the release of the calendar.)

Kate Moss Has Seen Better Days (And So Have We of Kate Moss, Especially Nekkid)



Now thre's a sight you don't see too often: Kate Moss completely blinkered and straggling down the streets of London in the middle of the night. I mean, at least you don't see it every night, not any more, as the mom has cut down on her staggering and stumbling by a good thirty-percent. What has become of our dear Kate? She certainly never shied away from the evening-time recreational use of bitters and illicit substance, but she always made it back in the morning for some of our more memorable photoshoots.

Take a look at some of Kate Moss' finer nekkid works by legendary femme celeb snapper Mario Testino and you might find yourself becoming a little teary-eyed with memories. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Bikini Pictures May Make You Come Back to Jamaica Sooner Than Expected

I"ve always had a thing for Kate Moss, who through all her various extracurricular smoking and snorting and drinking pursuits, has still managed to maintain her professional stature in the modeling world, raise a family, and continue to look good enough to eat in a bikini well into her late 30's.

Check out the full set of Kate Moss bikini candids from her Jamaican holiday on Celebuzz.

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Kate Moss Topless Pictures For Further Proof That Yachts Get Girls Nekkid


It's really all come down to this -- the motherf**king boat. The cruiser. The watercraft. The yacht parked off the shores of Saint Tropez. You get yourself one of those multi-million dollar badboys and you are off to the races with the ladies. I figure, one little big toy boat is all that's standing between me, my long time fantasies, and a blissful refractory period staring lovingly into the disappointed eyes of scores of sexy celebrity women.

Case in point, Kate Moss, add one yacht, and off comes the top for a plunge into the blue waters off the starboard side of the floating moneybag. Mmm, much celebrity boobtastic awaits the financially savvy seaman. Enjoy.

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Kate Moss Flashes Grape Knickers After Leaving Gaga Show

Not since I spotted the Grimace at McDonalds hiding to surprise me for my sixth birthday (my parents always went big for the birthdays) have I been so excited to spot a wee bit of the purple fabric pageantry as when I spotted the shiny violet underthings flashed by Kate Moss out seeing the tranny-tastic Lady Gaga in London over the weekend. It's not that Kate is typically body shy, or always in proper wardrobe, hardly, but, it's just that, I love purple! I kind of like to think she flashed them just for me. And don't you dare ruin my fantasy. Enjoy.