Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Simply Regally Hot Out in London

Princess Kate, Duchess Catherine, Mrs. Prince Billy, the future Queen of England, call her what you will, I'd like to call her to my castle keep for a late night hearth warming if you know what I'm saying. Kate Middleton is clearly and most decidedly the hottest British Royal since somebody important invented the camera (oil paintings are just great big lies!). 

Kate Middleton hit the streets of London tonight for one of the myriad of charity events she attends to conduct her noble work, and flaunt her noble looks, and...man, do I want to make her my lady for a night. Row boat her down the Thames under cover of darknesst to my studio apartment castle where we would play some wickedly intense games of  tag, dungeons included, until the sun rose on our nekkid debauchery and Kate was whisked back under cloak to her royal palatial confines, left with nothing but her own fond memories and the distinct smell of cocoa butter.

Dare to dream the regal dream. Enjoy.

Our Be-Lusted Kate Middleton Candidly Caught Grocery Store Shopping

You have two choices here, you can lie and pretend you're not the guy who ogles hot women at the grocery store loading their food selections onto the checkout counter, or you can be honest and admit that you pray there's a large heavy object in the bottom of their cart. Okay, women, you've now learned another one of our dirty little shameful never-gonna-stop secrets.

And when that grocery store sexy shopper turns out to be none other than the future queen of England, the Britty brunette  hottie Duchess Catherine, a.k.a., Kate Middleton, well, by gum, you're pulling all your Karma cards in hopes of a large winter melon buried on the shopping cart lower rail. Who knew that the future bluest of bloods (that mean's aristocrat, you chumps, not that the sight of her makes the vein in your.... never mind) does her own grocery shopping? Meat and potatoes and Kate lifting that sweater over her head and we have the recipe for a perfect evening in my 850-square foot castle. Enjoy.

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More Sextastic Brunette Brit: Elizabeth Hurley or Kate Middleton

Wow, this one is tough. Elizabeth Hurley these days and her brand new flesh puppies and hot MILF body packed into the teeny tiny dresses she wears to special events vs. the hottest future Queen of England in many many centuries, the slender-herself but butt-inspiring elder Middleton sister, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Hmm. Mmm. So much British finery on display here.

Two sexy grown-up crumpets. I suppose in the end the contest would come down to who was more willing to go the extra mile to please the judge. And, no, not what you're thinking, I mean, unless you were thinking fellatio, then, yeah. Enjoy.


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READER FINDS: Mas Silvina Luna Topless, More Michelle Hunziker Sans Bikini, Candice Boucher Nekkid, Kate Middleton Classic Upskirt, and Juliana Horta Brasileiro Heat


Thanks to all of you out there in happy fappy reader land, today's Reader Finds contains more hot bare boobtastic than a fantasy sequence from any number of my Catholic School girls shower nightly dreams. You guys (and girls today) really are the best, including contributions of even more topless wonderments from the sex-taped Silvina Luna, a bevy of super Swissian Michelle Hunziker without her bikini, outdoor nekkidness from South Africa's finest, Candice Boucher, a Kate Middleton classic upskirt we'd yet to see, and  sexy as all-hell, Juliana Horta, from our peeps in Brazil not wanting to be outdone. It's really quite a collection not seen before in Reader Finds. The stakes have been officially raised.