Kate Mara

Kate Mara Shows Off Sexy Fit Body In Women’s Health

Actress and professional hot person Kate Mara shows off her incredibly toned body in Women’s Health Magazine. In this spread she wears some workout clothes that certainly is giving me a cardio workout. Her sports bra is full up with her fantastic boobage. I know whenever I watch House of Cards I certainly enjoy watching those bad boys bounce across my screen. She’s got a ridiculously fit and toned midsection which you can also see from the workout pics. But let’s not forget about her legs. Sweet Lord Jesus, if you are listening, please send her in the night to wrap those silky legs around me. I’ll never ask for anything ever again. Amen.

But for serious, she’s a good actress too. She’s really the whole package: boobage, tight stomach, long legs, and talent. Not necessarily in that order.

Photo Credit: Women’s Health Magazine

Kate Mara Lounging in Lingerie Shivers Me Timbers

House of Cards helped me fall in lust with Kate Mara all over again. She really has the sextastic minx thing working overtime. Featured on the pages of Esquire magazine, Kate shows exactly why she works that cute girl next door routine like just about no other. I really can picture her next door to me and filling out those restraining orders my neighbor ladies always feel as necessary for some silly reason.

Kate Mara, lingerie, and a working couch are all I need to be happy. Well, maybe a little Warrant on in the background to set the mood and prepare the lady for the lovemaking of her life. Well, of my life most certainly. Maybe I’ll get a single line in her diary. I’d consider that a big win. Enjoy.