Karrueche Tran

Hey, Bill, Watcha Watching? Featuring Kylie Jenner Putting Her Hand Down Kendall Jenner’s Pants (VIDEO)

Let’s be honest. I’m never going to share my deep feelings. For one thing, I’m a man. Technically, I have no feelings. And if I did, I’d bury them somewhere obscure where nobody would ever find them. Like a resort town in Minnesota or a politicians truth jar. But I am more than willing to share with you my life’s work and love, incredibly hot celebrity woman just being all they can be on videos I’m watching. Usually with few clothes on. That does seem to be a common denominator.

In this week’s edition of Hey, Bill, Watcha Watching?, I share the videos I’ve been checking out today while naturally not wanting to miss a second of the Masters. You know what they say about golf, you miss a minute you miss a couple guys walking and talking to their help. This week’s roundup includes a very naughty Kylie Jenner putting her hand down sister Kendall Jenner’s pants, Kate Upton behind the scenes of one cleavetastic swimsuit shoot, Candice Swanepoel covered topless and pimping the juice, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley flashing fun times in her see-through top on the runway. I would take any one of these women to be my third wife, assuming we had a prenup that kept me in indie beer after our second weekend split. Enjoy.

Karrueche Tran And Christina Milian Bikini Selfies in Cancun, You Would Do the Same If You Looked This Hot

I’m not going to say I’m disappointed that I wasn’t invited to Cancun with Karrueche Tran and Christina Milian to prance about the beach in not too much and take hot selfies, but I am mostly a big wet ball of self-pitying tears. Like I couldn’t have helped with the oil and photographs in the least, ladies? Sometimes I wonder if my Yellow Pages ad is working at all.

Karrueche and Christina both seemed to revel in their distance from past former rapper boyfriends and their proximity to looking crazy sextastic in bikinis. Why not snap away and share with the world. Speaking on behalf of the world, you two ladies are simple fine and shiny hot. Share away. Maybe lose the suits if you want to prove your ultimate love, but this isn’t half bad. It’s half good. And currently providing much needed smiley faces to the male emoticon area of the body. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Karrueche Tran Tight Abs and Model Cleave for Fashion Week Exhibition

I can say two things for model Karrueche Tran. She has horrible taste in boyfriends but one ridiculously hot tight body. I guess two for two would be asking for too much and if I had to choose myself, I’d opt for her to continue with the outrageous show off body and the bad boyfriends. I don’t need her dating a sweet accountant and looking less exquisite. I’ll take this fine female form any day.

Like all other women of the sextastic origin, Karrueche has been hanging out at New York Fashion Week the past several days exhibiting her own hotness and golf clapping for wardrobes that 99% of the human world will never ever wear. It all makes sense if you just stare into her taut abs and dream a little dream. Oh, the little dream I’m having. Please don’t pinch me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Christina Milian And Karrueche Tran Bosom Showing Buddies At The LA Premiere Of Empire

The new TV show Empire had quite the kickoff premiere party in Hollywood and brought out several key hotties to remind people that hot girls like television, which doesn’t make all that much sense, but just smile and go with it if it means checking out the chesty delights of Christina Milian and Karrueche Tran on the red carpet.

The show itself brought out a ton of celebs, but these two definitely caught my ogling eye since they seemed to be so bosomy friendly together. You know the mere thought of lesbionics between two sextastic women sends me into a bender that lasts no less than 72 hours. And Christina Milian and Karrueche Tran, well, I might just find myself waking up in a Jamaican prison cell 27 days from now with a smile on my face. Hopefully, not from the forcible sodomy. Ladies, you looked amazing. I’m sure the show is great. Or at least has some amazing looking women in it. We shall bring you the highlights. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Karrueche Tran Have Hot White Taco Bikini Will Travel

Typically I know you’re supposed to feel sad for people going through a breakup, but when a girl is breaking up with Chris Brown and she’s not injured, dead, or passed out in the street, you have to kind of feel mostly happy and relieved for her. Karrueche Tran may very well get back together with the troubled R&B singer. I’ve never quite understood the ways of bad love. But I do understand how Asian models in bikinis, a group in which Karrueche showed once more with her little two piece in Miami she very much belongs.

Kurrueche and half of celebrityville are in Miami this week for the silly art exhibitions, providing great cover for partying, drinking, and for those that got ‘em, showing off stellar bikini bodies along the beach. Kaurrenche’s naturally lean frame and tight little booty definitely get ogled even among the stellar competition permanently affixed to the sand this time of year. May tiny white bikinis never go out of style. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet / INFphoto.com

Karrueche Tran Tiny White Bikini Hotness in Miami

I’m not sure if Karrueche Tran is still going with Chris Brown. I’d like to think that models and really good looking women who exhibit such raw allure in tiny bikinis have more options that horrible boyfriends with histories of violence. But, I also believe the moon is made of cheese and that eenie-meenie-miney-moe is an absolutely honest selection process.

Karrueche is a natural, petite body exotic hottie who could have her choice of men in this world simply by whistling. Or pointing her finger in a come hither pantomime. Or just calling me her servant and ordering me to oil her down. I’d not protest. I’m a sucker for petite dominatrixes with ravenous desires. Or just dominatrixes. Or just women with ravenous desires. Or just women. I’m not a particular fellow. Karrueche, we all have horrible people we’ve dated in the past. Let’s get together and talk about it nekkid in a hot tub. It really is the best therapy. Enjoy.

Karrueche Tran Flashes Sideboob at Free the Nipple Fundraiser

I do so hate to join causes. It’s not that I’m not an incredibly giving, charitable, and also incredibly handsome man. It’s just that I typically get behind some celebrity led action only to discover it wasn’t exactly what I thought it was, or it was run half-arsed, or I just got on a mailing list for stuffed fluffy ponies. I actually love the ponies.

This Free the Nipple campaign certainly seems like something I would be completely behind. I’m not sure it applies to women walking around the city streets topless, being able to breastfeed in public, or just posting topless pictures to Facebook and Instagram. I’m behind that all. And when Karrueche Tran, among others, shows up to a Free the Nipple fundraiser in Hollywood flashing all kinds of sideboob, well, even if less than nipple, consider me intrigued. Naturally, I’ll probably discover after my support that the organization also supports the castration of all men and the removal of the NFL from television to be replaced by more WNBA action. So, apologies in advance. Enjoy.