Kaitlin Doubleday

Weekend Boob Tube Roundup Includes Hannah Ware in ‘Boss’ and Angel McCord in ‘Chemistry’ (VIDEO)


Editor’s Note: Some or all of the media previously associated with this posting has been removed at the request of boobtastic show producers and/or performers.

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Not a plethora of the skintastic on the small screen this weekend, but our nosey sniffers for all things sextastic on the boob tube did come up with a few bits and pieces of the best of premium cable tatas and hot scenes. This weekend’s roundup includes hot blonde Kaitlin Doubleday getting stiffed by the luckiest actor in the world, Thomas Jane, in Hung, Hannah Ware in a brief bit of topless show in Boss, Julianne Nicholson in a similar short bit of top-slip in Boardwalk Empire, and Angel McCord getting lesbionic topless in Chemistry. Not too shabby when you consider how loathe Hollywood is to even put bare funbags on the big screen these days. Enjoy.

Hung, Dexter, and Boardwalk Empire All Deliver Some Sunday Night Topless Television (VIDEO)


Well, it’s not quite like the sextacular Sunday night of a week ago, but premium cable did deliver somewhat on its FCC-unmonitored status last night with some very new topless making of the sexy scenes from Kaitlin Doubleday in Hung, a very brief if not darkened funbag turn from Jamie Silberhartz in Dexter, and a full-boobtastic baring from Heather Lind in Boardwalk Empire. Certainly plenty of reason to continue calling Sunday night, Must Ogle Television. Enjoy.

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