Juno Temple

Eva Green, Juno Temple Topless, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba and the Girls of Sin City 2


I didn't want Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For was generally considered a box office flop, and critical reviews were rather mixed on the Frank Miller sequel, I wouldn't want it to leave our visual skinematic landscape without a tribute to the lovely ladies that were the better part of the motion picture endeavor.

While Jessica Alba did not fully reveal herself, her stripping wanton ways will never go unappreciated. The MILFtastic mama gets naughtier in this film than you're likely to ever see her posing again. There's something to be said for that. Like 'hot damn'. Eva Green is ever dependable with her fine pair of puppies bared for the audience as she does in so many of her fine onscreen work. Rosario Dawson is ever hot bodied and Juno Temple adds some topless spice as well as another daring thespianic of the bold and hottie variety. You certainly can not be disappointed with the leading ladies of Sin City 2. I guarantee it will own a spot in my home library when thusly available. Enjoy.

Juno Temple Camel Toe Leggy on Set of ‘Black Mass’

I like Juno Temple. And not just because she likes to get nekkid in her film roles. Though, that is a large part of it. She just exudes that kind of oddball energy like a young Christopher Walken, if Walken had a curvy body like Juno he liked to show off onscreen.

Filming the movie Black Mass, Juno was in wardrobe of some snugging tight shorts that showed off her powerful legs as well as the toe of the camel betwixt her vice like upper legs. I miss those kinds of shorts on girls. I think they're actually coming back because I keep seeing them on hot ladies, though I can'r recall if it's been in reality or in those 70's Charlie's Angels style flashbacks I have regularly. Man, the 70's knew how to make shorts for women. Enjoy.

Juno Temple, Gabby Hoffman, and Riki Lindhome All Get Really Nekkid in The Indie Film Roundup (VIDEO)


One of our loyal Boob Tube Roundup fans asked me recently why we don't ever do roundups of all the celebrity thespianic skin scene in some of the smaller, more obscure indie films that most people never see in the theaters. And, I usually respond with something about the films all being so artsy and high brow, the girls never being all that luscious, and many other excuses because mostly I'm just lazy. Well, not today.

Just out in theaters, or not even out yet, are three independent films that feature three must see skin baring performances. First, Gabby Hoffman, in the freaky deaky Crystal Fairy with Michael Cera. We saw a glimpse of Gabby at the end of last week, here's much much more. Also, many fans out there of the leser known Riki Lindhome and her delightfully au natural body on full frontal display in Hell Baby, coming soon. And, last but certainly not least, Juno Temple, a delightful dolls of a risk taking thespianic, in Magic Magic, a film you will have to see and please tell me about. Three fine performances without clothes on, proving that the clothes don't make the woman, in fact, they almost kind of ruin it. Enjoy.

Juno Temple Topless Gorgeous Skintastic Screencaps from ‘Killer Joe’


Okay, we get it.  EgoReader 'JT' among others has asked, inquired, contributed, or cajoled us to share the beautiful young British actress Juno Temple in her noteworthy topless performance in this past year's Matthew McConaughey film, Killer Joe. Well, I'm here to tell you that sometimes when you don't see things on the site it's for no good reason other than us being lazy at work. Oh, come on, like you're working a sprint during all six-hours of your dinner shift at Arby's. Nay. You're smoking a jay and licking some horseradish packs (perhaps I'm speaking from personal experience).

Nevertheless, I'm glad we complied. Juno Temple is someone to keep an eye on, and those chest puppies, we will definitely keeping those in our viewfinder as well. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly Skin-ny Roundup Includes Fleshtastic Views of Gina Gershon, Juno Temple, and Kathleen Robertson (VIDEO)


Just when you thought you couldn't sit through another 3-hour summer blockbuster with some dude who is technically a giant seated in front of you at the theater, along comes our friends at Mr. Skin with a weekends worth of ideas for skinematic viewing right there in your own home. Genius.

This week's celebration of celebrity-on-film flesh include Juno Temple and Gina Gershon in Killer Joe, Kathleen Robertson in Boss, and a shoutout Mr. Skin style fo the ongoing Olympic games. Enjoy.

(And don't forget your amazing deal annual account from Mr. Skin, so you can see this all yourself.)