Julissa Bermudez

Julissa Bermudez Bikini Popping on the Beach in Miami

It’s almost cliche how many celebrities are soaking up the sun in bikinis in Miami this month, that is, if ‘cliche’ means totally awesome. Just think how hard it would be if they divided up into 50 states worth of swimsuit hotness. Way too much work. Having three-quarters of the world’s great looking ladies present on the same beach makes everybody’s jobs easier. And if you happen to live  in Miami, just call yourself one lucky bastard, especially this time of year.

Julissa Bermudez from 106 & Park on BET is the latest newcomer to the South Florida beach spread. But she seems to be fitting right in. The Dominican-American bikini showoff took right to the natural amounts of preening and posing as dictated by the environment. It certainly is a competitive landscape. You can’t just peel off your clothes along this stretch of shoreline and expect to get eyeballs unless you’ve got game. Julissa’s got game. I’d sure like to play it with her. Enjoy.

Julissa Bermudez Bikini Flaunting and Pouting Her Way Into Our Hearts

You may know Julissa Bermudez from her co-hostess role on BET’s 106 & Park. Or you may be seeing her for the first time. Or you may just not be reading and fantasizing about this curvaceous Dominican being your winter vacation date to the beach and whatever comes after the sun goes down. You can do anything you like here in the Wonka factory of sextastic celebrities.

We’ve previously seen 106 & Park hostess Rocsi Diaz flaunting her bikini wares at the beach with even a little nip slip:

Leading me to believe, I need to start making some changes to my DVR priority recording list. Obviously, Gomer Pyle stays up top, but there are some changes happening beneath I assure you. Enjoy.