Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis Bikini Pictures from Cabo Are Very, Well, Very Juliette Lewis

Egotastic! will go anywhere, any time to bring you celebrity bikini candids. Climbing the highest heights, or, in the case of Juliette Lewis bikini pictures, the roughest of terrains, but we keep in mind our mission to let you be the judge of what is righteously hot, or, again, struggling to make the cut. Caught down Cabo way in ‘toe-and-pokey’ thin bikini, the veteran alt-thespianic soaked up some rays, flashed her tats, and caught the telescopic eyes of our South of the Border hungry paparazzi. And, we snapped. Enjoy.

Cabo Wabo Bikini Madness: Nicole Richie, Ashlee Simpson, and Juliette Lewis Flash Their Summer Bodies Down Mexico Way

Granted, if I was picking my all time down Mexico way bikini hot tub time trio of sexy celebrities, I might not come up with the trifecta of Nicole Richie, Ashlee Simpson, and Juliette Lewis, but I must give it up fro the unparalleled randomness of that South of the Border bikini threesome. I can’t ever remember a time we got to see such a nice glimpse of the Nicole Richie, partial workout, partial 90210 touched up, bikini body; and when you consider the fact that her little Cabo weekend party included a hot-bodied Ashlee Simpson, and, dare I say, even a ogle-worthy Juliette Lewis, well, the Mayan calendar be damned, because the Aztec calendar nearly jumped to first position in signaling the end of the world. Utterly random, utterly eclectic, utterly hot. Nothing left to do but enjoy.

(P.S. Technically, okay, yeah, there was a foursome to this girl gaggle. Samantha Ronson joined the bikini cast of the all-girl Cabo bikini weekend. Now, Cousin Jonathan put up a shizz-fit about Samantha Ronson never being seen by eyeballs on Egotastic!, but for those that want the complete bikini foursome, check out the rather boob-revealing Samantha Ronson bikini pictures on SocialiteLife.)