Julieta Ponce

Julieta Ponce Nekkid Pictures Reveal Quite Possibly the Nicest Dancer Body on the Planet

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Whoever said dancing isn’t for men totally forgets the ‘hot girls make everything for dudes’ overriding rule; and Julieta Ponce may just be the finest example of this principle.

The Argentinean model made her celebrity bones on Soñando por Bailar, perhaps the hottest dance show on the planet, and quickly moved on to flashing her full body wares in her home country periodicals, such as this truly magnificent spread in Maxim Argentina this past month. Wow, just wow.

The next time your buddies tell you dancing is not for dudes, you give them the big ole asterisk and mention the name Julieta Ponce. Enjoy.

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Julieta Ponce Nekkid Pictures Fill Your Dance Card With Visual Treats

Julieta Ponce Sexy Nekkid Pictorial for Playboy Argentina
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Is it okay for dudes to watch dancing reality shows? Well, it is in Argentina where Soñando por Bailar and its similar shows routinely take wicked hot Sudamericana women, put them in tight or skimpy outfits, then get them dirty dancing, then it’s not only perfectly acceptable, it’s required really.

Which leads us to Julieta Ponce, who made a fine name for herself on the dance shows in Argentina, and now is making an even finer show of herself in her home country’s Playboy magazine, showing both her bare rumbas and her cha-cha-cha and making dancing fun again for guys. It shouldn’t be, but it is, thanks to the power of one wicked hot nekkid body. Enjoy.