Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough Bikini Candids For Some Sextastic Beach Curves

I must admit, I never foresaw the romantic affair between sexy blonde dancing actress Julianne Hough and multi-media little male dynamo, Ryan Seacrest, lasting this long. And not just because of rumors that Ryan prefers his sexy pole dancing with actual poles; it’s just that Hollywood power couplings tend to have a life span of one to two seasons max.

Julianne and her guy were the latest to hit the beaches of St. Barth’s this week, with Julianne selecting the light red bikini for her debut on the island, and for the paparazzi cameras. The hot dancer from Salt Lake showed off some additional moves on a jetski and little vacation workout to keep that bikini body on the nicer end of curvy. Mission accomplished. Enjoy.

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Julianne Hough, Ashley Tisdale, and Victoria Justice Form a Trifecta of Hotness at Footloose Premiere

Now, you know how I feel about Hollywood remaking perfectly awfully-great films of the past just to turn a fresh buck on a classic title. Well, I feel underwhelmed. Kind of like when the toilet-paper came out of the bra on my prom date, the formerly busty Eva Barnes-Marie. Watching my second-base awesomeness dwindle down to a chestal plain that resembled a topographical map of the state of Kansas on that fateful night, I realized that there is some inherent value in originals, less so in dolled up knockoffs. Woe be the man who tries to out-cheese Kevin Bacon.

All of which is irrelevant today, because the craptastic Footloose remake did lead to some awesomeness, notably in the red carpet premiere hotness of Footloose actress and Seacrest beard, Julianne Hough, along with Ashley Tisdale who just showed up because she’s got a killer body and needs places to show it off, and ever-young-hottie Victoria Justice who looked all kinds of ready to be the mother of my next round of illegitimate babies, it was quite the sexy-studded event. So, in summary, mindless creative Hollywood reboots — poo, trifecta of hot celebs decked out for the premiere — quite nice. Enjoy.

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