Josie Maran

Josie Maran Bikini Pictures Put the Model Mom Back in the Sunlight

Okay, our evergreen caveat about women in big hats and sunglasses aside, we already know model Josie Maran is good looking, and she’s looking in strong recovery mode since birthing out her second kid last summer.

Since Josie’s much more into her cosmetics lines and other junk she sells for big dollars, and less these days into modeling, well, we got a little scared she might go rogue on us. But, despite a little mommy wear and tear showing through, Josie still looks like a million bucks in her bikini. I wish I had a million bucks to test our her actual price.

Alas, I can only sit and leer at a woman who I’ve dug for some time now. Welcome back, Josie. Enjoy.

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Josie Maran Lingerie Photoshoot
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Wow, how bad did we fuck up on Valentine’s Day last night. Let’s just say even our own body rejected our offers of self-pleasure at the end of the evening, insisting that we didn’t love it enough, or at least as much as Linda”s’ boyfriend love his. Man, how I despise that holiday. But every cloud has a silver lining, or at least with the proper happy medication that adage holds up, and our half is glass full outlet comes courtesy of the fact that Valentine’s Day was on a Thursday, which means the day after annual romance Armageddon is followed by a Friday, just our favorite day of the week; the day we honor all things important in our life, beginning with the collection of communally contributed celebrity skin content we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Aussie Anna Torv in some wicked bikini candids (thank you to EgoReader ‘Rapha’), sextastic Stanija Dobrojevic Instagram pics (contributed by ‘David S. on behalf of Serbian pride), Carrie Underwood nipple poking (blessings from ‘Simmmy’), Nina Agdal topless (in a photo we’ve seen before, but so hot, let’s see it again thanks to ‘Giuseppe’), Argentinean model and TV personality Claudia Ciardone topless sunbathing (muchas gracias para ‘Jona’), more Spanish hotness in the form of topless Iberian Interviu girl Yania Gutierrez (amazingly donated by ‘S.H’), Amii Grove in a splendid topless 2009 calendar shoot (kudos to ‘Manny’), Inna nip slipping in concert (discovered by ‘Batman’), Hebrew school hottie model Josie Maran in not one, but two sextastic modeling shoots (we bow down to ‘Rasty’), Holly Peers, Stacey Poole, and Kelly Hall all playing boobily together (airmailed to us by ‘Reggie’), Gemma Arterton topless making of the sexy scene from Three and Out (whoa, thanks, ‘Ben K.’), and, last, but certainly not least, Anna Kournikova topless and panty peeking (courtesy of ever-dependable ‘Pito’). If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, you’re shopping in the wrong store. Enjoy.

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I do not partake in many communal activities. My friend Timor once invited me to attend his extended family bath and just having seen his mom’s mole-covered back one unfortunate public swimming pool day a few months earlier, I politely declined. However, one group activity I’ve come to truly adore is our Reader Finds segment here on Egotastic! where our beloved perverts share their delightful celebrity treats and lusts with the rest of this crazy commune. This week’s version of Reader Finds includes a tool-riding topless Tila Tequila, a see-through Natasha Bedingfield, a bikini-less Rita Rusic, a stunning nekkid Josie Maran, and a follow-up to our Nicki Minaj nipple slip post of last week.
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Josie Maran: Bikini Babe

To make up for posting more of those Rumer Willis bikini pictures from the Op campaign featuring Rumer Willis, Josie Maran, Christina Milian and Kristin Cavallari in their bikinis, here are a whole bunch more Josie Maran bikini pictures, because unlike Rumer, Josie Maran has both an awesome body, and one of the prettiest faces around.

Check out more Josie Maran bikini pictures after the jump.