Johana Bahamon

Johana Bahamon Shows Off Her Telenovela Twins in SoHo Magazine



One of my odes at the end of the year, should I feel so inspired to write words of thanks for the deliverance of naughty goodness in 2011, ought to be well directed at the entire cadre of super smoking sultry hot Latina working in the Spanish-language telenovelas. The dear sextastic ladies often moving between nations of Central and South America in thespianic pursuit of bitch slapping, tear jerking, and, well, other jerking related content creation by sheer force of being ridiculously hot looking. Included in this letter will be muchias gracias to Johana Bahamon, TV actress veteran from Colombia featured ever so topless and hot in this month’s SoHo magazine.

I could stare at nekkid pictures of the super sextastic Johana Bahamon for just about forever, or until the emo barista here makes me buy something or kicks me out of the Coffee Bean. Whichever comes first. Enjoy.