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READER FINDS: Miranda Kerr Topless, Joey Fisher Topless, Kylie Minogue Topless, All Double Wows, And Much Much More…

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Indeed, we have reached that beloved day of the week when we ring the bells, bang the gongs, and turn on the AC/DC theme music for the opening of the weekly Reader Finds email bag. It’s hard to imagine there once was a time when such goodies were delivered by Mr. Shankantovich, the guy who pretended to be a member of the U.S. post office for years until we realized he was just stealing our mail and re-delivering it to us and asking for tips. Silly man. He made a bundle.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the blessedly hot and much missed Brooklyn Decker and her stellar bikini body (thanks to EgoReader ‘Genuine’), Miranda Kerr nekkid classic modeling in black and white (rich funbag classics from ‘Rich R.’), Camilla Luddington bikini candid (much two piece goodness from ‘Billy’), Cindy Morgan and her classic perfect ta’s from Caddyshack (a throwback delight via ‘Epison’), pierced model Daisy Hoffstetter and her sweet boobtastic, Eniko Mihalik mind numbing mammaries, and Michelle Rodriguez see-through on the red carpet (contributing prodigiously by ‘David M.’), underrated 80′s sweetie Darlanne Fluegel skinematics (put forth by ‘Peter O.’), Daryl Hannah another righteous 80′s screen cockle warmer and Diane Franklin rich ripe peaches to boot (double kindly contributed by ‘Stephen W.’), Joey Fisher topless lapdancing in Anarchy Parlor (munchables from heaven via ‘Scott’), Kendall Jenner bikini crotchety frames from vine vid (caught eagle eyed by ‘Coolio’), and sister Kylie Jenner hint o’ nipple piercing (scouted expertly by ‘Eli’ and ‘Matthew’), Kylie Minogue topless in classic skinematics (oh, my Kylie melons, kudos to ‘Evan A.’), Linda Blair topless goodies as well (throwdown of the perfect classic film ta-ta’s by ‘Devon’), which leads to Melanie Griffith and her sweet reveals (dazzling, just dazzling duets via ‘Jiminy’), Noomi Rapace and Lena Endre lesbionic topless romantics (sweet girl girl ta-ta wonderments provided by ‘Renee’), Sophie Marceau and her perfect French twins (oh, this is quite a sight, thanks ‘Anton’), and last but not least, another day, another concert by Tove Lo flashing her Nordic boobtastic for peace and freedom (submitted thoughtfully by a number of Egotastic! readers). I dare you to work your way through here and not fall deeply and madly in lust. I double dare you. Enjoy.

Stacey Poole And Joey Fisher Topless Babes in a Bed

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Nature has yet to invent a beauty equal to the not so mysterious wonder of two hot topless girls playing with each other. Really, I’ve seen the waterfalls and canyons and mountain peaks and rainbows, this is really tops. Bless you Stacey Poole and your BFF Joey Fisher for reminding me of the pure passion inducing power of even slightly faked lesbionics. There’s nothing fake about my feelings, I assure you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to express myself emotionally and I’m not super comfortable doing that in front of others. It takes a real man to admit his girlish feelings. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Zoo Magazine

Humpday Huzzah! Joey Fisher Strips Out of Her Bra and Jeans for Bodacious Topless Reveals

Joey Fisher Strips Out of Her Tight Jeans and Top for a Topless Shoot
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Sometimes, you just need a little fluffy funbags in your face to make the midweek hump seem a whole lot humpier. For me, I couldn’t be more pleased with my Wednesday boobtastic repast. Namely, the giftedly bosomed Joey Fisher stripping out of her top and jeans to bring a whole new meaning to the word, ‘Yum’.

I don’t care who you are or what you do, life can take its toll on you. But as always, preciously sweet summer melons are the long journey’s oasis. The vision of moist nirvana breaking up your desert trek. Joey Fisher’s sweater puppies could milk up many a weary parched traveler. As long as I’m first, I’m good with sharing. Bless you and your gorgeous mams, Ms. Fisher. Huzzah!

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Joey Fisher and Leah Francis Are Madly in Teasy Topless Lust

Leah Francis and Joey Fisher Topless Photoshoot for Zoo Magazine May 2014
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Oh, sure, the true romantic feelings between busty hotties Joey Fisher and Leah Francis may be faked, but since when do we care about faked emotions? We’re men. We do that in our sleep. What is important is the crazy hot visuals of Joey and Leah in their black lingerie rolling around atop and astride one another until those tops come off. Now that’s what I call romance.

There is no greater love than that expressed between two beautiful young women while gentlemen oglers stare on in a happy stupor as in this wonderful Zoo magazine pictorial. I’m sure the classic poets used to write all about it. I didn’t read much in school. Joey, Leah, if you ever need a place to hang and ply your sextastic friendship fun time activities, just let me know. Mi casa is most definitely su casa. Bring a change of undies. Enjoy.

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Joey Fisher Udderly Delicious Behind the Scenes of Her Topless Shoot

Joey Fisher Nuts Topless Striptease Screencaps
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Joey Fisher really is starting to climb the charges of my busty brunette Britty glamour model charts. Yes, there’s a chart. It’s a 3-D bar chart and it sits on my table to remind me that I once took an Excel class and the only thing I’ve ever done with it is make charts about faptastic full funbags. Though I knew that going into the class.

Joey is featured in video stills from behind the scenes of her latest Nuts magazine photoshoot and baring all kinds of outrageously ripe melons dangling from her lovely lady body. Her dangle is downright perfect. If you’re not dreaming of role playing Dairy Farmer Bob while peeking at Joey Fisher, you need to get your imagination maker fixed. It probably needs a reboot. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Sophie Reade, Stacey Poole, Kym Graham and Joey Fisher Topless and Showing Off for Happy Visual Times

Sophie Reade, Stacey Poole, Kym Graham and Joey Fisher Topless for Nuts April 2014
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Oh, how I love it when the girls get together for a little funtime showtime of their faptastic female forms. Busty glamour models Sophie Reade, Stacey Poole, Kym Graham and Joey Fisher all got into the same room at the same time to create an octet of funbags that has me running for the hills then quickly back down again and a couple more times back and forth before I was calm enough to view these photos without hurting my computer screen.

These lovably luscious ladies are lending their unique talents to a brand new and trophy award deserving pictorial in Nuts magazine and generally just making a ton of men feel happy to be, well, men. Okay, you Sapphic leaning ladies and Michelle Rodriguez can certainly ogle as well. This part is for everybody as we celebrate reaching the midpoint of the work week. Boobs on! Huzzah!

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Sabine, Joey, Rosie, and Melissa Get Together for a Topless Office Party

Rosie Jones, Sabine Jemeljanova, Melissa Debling and Joey Fisher Topless Nuts Shoot January 2014
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Oh blessed final day of the workweek, you have arrived like a cold frosty beverage on a sweaty hot day. The perfect capper to a week of pretend labor and overhyped sighs. As always, I do hope the week on Egotastic! helps you get through your daily grind with a bit of a smile and perhaps a happy tingle or two. Of course, I am helped in my efforts by the hotness likes of Joey Fisher, Melissa Debling, Rosie Jones, and Sabine Jemeljanova, who all got topless at the Nuts magazine office for some visual wonderments. It’s the office I always imagined Id work in, you know, act like I wasn’t staring as four wickedly sextastic women began to unrobe around me while my insides were melting. I’m blessed to have something not too dissimilar. Minus Rosie, Joey, Melissa, and Sabina. Alas.

On Fridays we give thanks to the beautiful bevy of boobtastic babes that grace our hearts and minds each and every day we have the opportunity to breathe and to ogle. These four ladies just make the world that much sweeter. A wonderful contribution indeed. Thank God It’s Funbags!

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