Jodie Gasson

Melissa Debling and Jodie Gasson Topless Hotness Will Jingle Your Bells and Melt Your Snowballs (VIDEO)


Well, there's nothing like Xmas to bring out the funbags in full force, in red and white and fake-snow shaking goodness. Literally, nothing like Xmas. This is the single best time for holiday themed bare boobtastic throughout the entire year, and the British lads magazine have the peach-revealing process nearly perfected.

Our good friends at Zoo magazine have chosen Melissa Debling, Jodie Gasson, and Daisy Watts among other festive beauties to help ring in the Yuletide and give wood to Father Time. It's a cornucopia or copious skin and deliciousness and if I were Santa Claus, this is precisely what all the naughty kids would find under their tree. Lumps of hotness. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Melissa and Jodie and friends dancing about for the Yuletide in their Zoo Christmas topless video.)

Jodie Gasson and Melissa Debling Topless Naughty Classmates for Mammarial Mondays


My friend Knowles Banks once confided in me that he had had biblical relations with the girlfriend of somebody within our buddy circle. Knowles felt hella guilty and just had to get this serious indiscretion kind off of his chest. He asked me if I thought that he should come clean to the guy whose girl he had violated in at least five different manners that he told me before I cut him off. I told Knowles that while in the moment it might seem right to confess to the dude he had disrespected, that often times offenders in these matters simply feel a need to confess to relieve their own guilt, and in doing so, they end up burdening the innocent party with some wretched news that haunts them for the rest of their lives. I suggested, in some cases, it might just be better to commit a sin of omission, and lie to whoever the sorry sot among our friends whose girlfriend he had bedded. Knowles thanked me for being such a wise friend and then promptly told me that he had not banged my girlfriend every which way but Sunday and that I shouldn't worry about anything like that.

The point being, human beings are by nature, a rather naughty lot. Now, some may take that as a negative comment on the species. But, nay, it's truly a compliment. For while all species on this planet knock boots in some form or fashion, only human beings utilize the assist of some seriously staged sexual fantasy before getting jiggy with it, or just practicing the jiggy parts alone in their parents basement. Who else but homesapiens could divine the visual wonderment of the gloriously globed Melissa Debling AND Jodie Gasson, two of our funbag favorites, playing and disciplining each other in the classroom as some very naughty schoolgirls.

Naughty awesome for this Mammarial Monday. Enjoy.

Jodie Gasson Topless Behind the Scenes of Her Lingerie in Shower Shoot For Mammarial Mondays (VIDEO)


Only once a year for two such great traditions as Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, and Mammarial Mondays, Egotastic's tribute to all that is full bosomed and holy in the land, coincide into one special I Do Like Mondays type of occasion. And, that day is today.

To honor such an honorific occasion, we turn our open mouths into the faptacular funbags of Jodie Gasson, in a video behind the scenes of her rather epic lingerie in shower striptease photoshoot. It's not often we get the chance to get dirty while in the shower, but by the power of the boobtastic and your Monday morning peepers, prepare to become so, with a tip of the cap to Jodie Gasson and her ridiculously hot body for providing the voltage. Enjoy.

Jodie Gasson Topless Pictures Deliver R-Rated Recreation in the Park


Readers of any duration on this site know of our profound infatuation for the indefatigable funbags of Jodie Gasson. I'm pretty sure we could draw perfect replicas of them with our eyes closed, or, better yet, recreate them in mounds of mashed potatoes for a Close Encounter of the DD Kind.

Featured in her latest photoshoot provided fully-loaded hotness in the park, Jodie reminds us that it's what's on the inside that counts, as in, now that I've seen her wondrous chest puppies, I wonder what's inside those little blue shorts of hers. Well, that will have to wait for another day, but, it's all about the journey. Enjoy.

Jodie Gasson Topless Bikini Pictures To Help Bookend Your Boobtastic Needs Day


Because it's been a tough Monday, we did start out today with some benevolent boobtastic photos of the hot Britty blonde Leah Francis. And with the day only turning to bigger shit upon adding up our lousy Fantasy Football scores, combined with the fact that we just learned that nobody in fact paid for our Friday Happy Hour bar tab at Dick's House of Booze and Dick just laid the bill on my virtual desk and demanded payment, well, I'm going to need more knockers to get through this one. Having a similar Monday there as well?

Thank Mother Nature for her many blessings then, including our delicious gal pal (a term only to be used in reference to hot nekkid women) Jodie Gasson and her new set of topless bikini photos. Jodie Gasson continues to inspire us with sheer force of sexual desire, not hers, ours, though in our dreams hers matches ours, for us specifically, and we live happily ever after for about two hours at least.

Let medical science, modern psychology, and commercial television declare for you the most appropriate way to soothe your troubled soul if you so please. As for me, I remain ever convinced, a hot woman, a hot body, and a solid pair of funbags remains unparalleled in terms of raw feel-better power. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Jodie Gasson Double-Barreled Silky Topless Goodnes


oh, blessed end of the week. Friday. The blessed refractory period of the week before recharging the internal juices for some serious brew, sports, and debauchery over the coming next forty-eight hours, before sauntering sadly back into work or school come Monday morning (but, don't worry, we'll be there too with more skin-filled goodness).

Well thank fucking god it's Friday. And to celebrate this joyous occasion we turn to joy-inducing funbags. The kind of gorgeous globes that just make you smile, as a precursor to drooling, opening wide, and barely audibly uttering 'come to daddy' as you imagine the righteously hot Jodie Gasson stripping out of her silky little lingerie right in front of you. I mean, so close, you can smell her body perfume, take in the scent of her shampoo, and recognize the aroma of being a future daddy. Yep, thats close. And that good. TGIF!

Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Strips on the Stairs for Funbag Glory


Jodie Gasson makes me happy. Well, hot girls with fabulous funbags make me happy, and Jodie Gasson has those down in spades.

The very reason we invented Humpday Huzzah in our underground laboratories buried 11-feet deep beneath The Sizzler restaurant was to help our hard working readers get through a work week of drudgery, and amazing full and ripe chest puppies get you through drudgery like nobody's business.

Ever since the English lads magazines started making superlative claims about Britain's best boobs and whatnot, well, we've been doing overtime hours kind of research on these mammarial matters. And we'd like to include Jodie Gasson in this discussion. Enjoy.