Jodie Gasson

Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Takes It Off in the Office

Jodie Gasson Sexy Office Topless Photoshoot
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Now, we strictly enforce a no nekkidness or striptease policy here in the Egotastic! offices. This is mostly because we’re a land of doughy dudes and we will get arrested if we ask the fairer sex to participate in such an unveiling. But if Jodie Gasson worked here, I might risk the legal ramifications of requesting her to remove her kit for work time inspection. Oh, behave.

Jodie Gasson is what I need to get through my workweek. You can have your video games and your online puzzles and your Adderall, I need big juicy funbags on the body of a beautifully curvy woman, dropping her office clothes for a truly well-done job. I feel no shame in my simple desires. Only wants. And on this Humpday, I want Jodie. Huzzah!

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Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Topless Pictures Have the Asstastic Boobtastic Combination of a Curvaceous Goddess

Jodie Gasson Saucy Topless Photoshoot
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If there’s one request I get more than any other from readers, well, it can be summed up best in this thoughtful letter from EgoReader ‘Evan’:  “Please stop showing us so many skinny bitches!” Oh, Evan, in your eloquence you have symbolized our readership love, lust, and longing for girls who jiggle when they wiggle, have no straight lines anywhere on their bodies, and have cushion for the very serious pushin’.  Case in point, Jodie Gasson.

We could leer at every single inch of Jodie Gasson for every single minute of this humpday. What celebration of the midweek pinnacle would be complete without a peek at the Olympic peaks of Jodie Gasson. And her booty bentover whilst removing her leggings and leotard. Well, it’d almost be too much to bear if it wasn’t just perfect to bear. Huzzah!

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Jodie Gasson Topless Red Nighty Striptease Culminates Pretty Much Every Jodie Gasson Fantasy I’ve Ever Had

Jodie Gasson Topless in a Red Hot Nighty
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Once upon a time, I made a list of my favorite private time fantasies. And sextastic buxom blonde stripping out of a red nighty came in at #37, which might not sound like such an honor, until you consider the fact that my list was over 10,000 entries long. Hey, it’s my job and my hobby.

The sight of boobtastic glorioso Jodie Gasson dropping out of her red lingerie, well, that hit the sweet spot for sure. Such a fine female form slipping out of a silky lacy nighty, well, if this isn’t in your own personal Top 50 dramas stored in your own tug vault, I’m not sure what you’re filling yours with. Enjoy.

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Jodie Gasson Topless Poolside Hotness for Your Monday Snow Dig-Out

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Watching all the snow shoveling going on in the Northeast over the weekend, well, it almost made me feel bad for feeling bad for myself as temperatures here in Southern California dropped below 70 for day time highs, causing many a tree-hugging Angeleno to cut down that tree, burn it, and pray for the return of Global Warming. We all have our climatological concerns to deal with, each in our own way.

Still, our hearts go out to those of you buried under more white powder than Lindsay Lohan on a lazy sunday, so, to improve your lot, we bring you more under-the-sun topless hotness courtesy of Jodie Gasson and her wicked wanton delicious bikini stripteasing funbags poolside at some location that you’re probably dreaming about right this minute. Could a sextastic girl like Jodie, a cocktail in a chaise lounge chair, and a little game of Motorboat, Champions version exceed your reality of snow shovels and frozen snot? Likely, yes. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Topless Pictures Striptease to Ease Your Suffering Peas

Jodie Gasson Topless Striptease Photoshoot
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If it’s Wednesday that means it’s Humpday, the middle of the week when we celebrate the top of the line, err, top of the torso excellence in all things round and supple and bouncy to the motorboating fun time touch. And there’s no finer pair of jiggly jugs than on the beautiful and perfectly teasing curvaceous form of Jodie Gasson, a glamour model who contributes more to the Gross National Pleasure of this world than your average man, or, you know, topless woman.

You know that we know that you know that faptastic funbags can save this planet. And we don’t say that like the folks who say that low-flow showers and hemp can save the planet, because while they may be right, the promotional materials for our campaign are far more fun to review. Huzzah!

Melissa Debling and Jodie Gasson Topless Hotness Will Jingle Your Bells and Melt Your Snowballs (VIDEO)

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Well, there’s nothing like Xmas to bring out the funbags in full force, in red and white and fake-snow shaking goodness. Literally, nothing like Xmas. This is the single best time for holiday themed bare boobtastic throughout the entire year, and the British lads magazine have the peach-revealing process nearly perfected.

Our good friends at Zoo magazine have chosen Melissa Debling, Jodie Gasson, and Daisy Watts among other festive beauties to help ring in the Yuletide and give wood to Father Time. It’s a cornucopia or copious skin and deliciousness and if I were Santa Claus, this is precisely what all the naughty kids would find under their tree. Lumps of hotness. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Melissa and Jodie and friends dancing about for the Yuletide in their Zoo Christmas topless video.)

Jodie Gasson and Melissa Debling Topless Naughty Classmates for Mammarial Mondays

Melissa Debling and Jodie Gasson are Naughty and Topless in a Classroom Photoshoot
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My friend Knowles Banks once confided in me that he had had biblical relations with the girlfriend of somebody within our buddy circle. Knowles felt hella guilty and just had to get this serious indiscretion kind off of his chest. He asked me if I thought that he should come clean to the guy whose girl he had violated in at least five different manners that he told me before I cut him off. I told Knowles that while in the moment it might seem right to confess to the dude he had disrespected, that often times offenders in these matters simply feel a need to confess to relieve their own guilt, and in doing so, they end up burdening the innocent party with some wretched news that haunts them for the rest of their lives. I suggested, in some cases, it might just be better to commit a sin of omission, and lie to whoever the sorry sot among our friends whose girlfriend he had bedded. Knowles thanked me for being such a wise friend and then promptly told me that he had not banged my girlfriend every which way but Sunday and that I shouldn’t worry about anything like that.

The point being, human beings are by nature, a rather naughty lot. Now, some may take that as a negative comment on the species. But, nay, it’s truly a compliment. For while all species on this planet knock boots in some form or fashion, only human beings utilize the assist of some seriously staged sexual fantasy before getting jiggy with it, or just practicing the jiggy parts alone in their parents basement. Who else but homesapiens could divine the visual wonderment of the gloriously globed Melissa Debling AND Jodie Gasson, two of our funbag favorites, playing and disciplining each other in the classroom as some very naughty schoolgirls.

Naughty awesome for this Mammarial Monday. Enjoy.