Jodie Gasson

Jodie Gasson Topless Pictures for Thongtastic Feelings All Over


I'm looking at Jodie Gasson and I can't help but feel she's trying to tell me something. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but I'm hearing voices coming from her raised buttockal region and they're warm and inviting and whispering general pleasantries. That's the thing about a girl as hot and as willing to show off as Jodie and her perfect jugs. They speak to you in so many different ways.

One day I'd like to go to school and learn that language so I can talk back. It's on my list right after communicating with dolphins, though that I can easily push aside for a chance for a little back and forth dialogue with Jodie's derriere. Just ever so curvy and fine all over. Seeing Jodie always makes me smile. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Topless Goodness Bare and Bodacious in Black


Can it be the middle of the week already. It seems like I just got behind my computer with a Valu-Pak of Enternmann's mini-donuts and a half-tanked bottle of Jim Beam on Monday morning. How time flies when you're looking at some killer bodies. Though, none bodies perhaps more curvaceously ripe than Jodie Gasson, who I turn to in times of trouble, times of need, or just any time I can get the bathroom to myself for five minutes.

I feel like a photo of Jodie Gasson could be used in the dictionary in the place of the much longer written definition of 'woman'. It's what I'd use to explain to an alien genderless race visiting our planet what consumes the thoughts of men on this planet. And when Jodie gets to her teasy stripping to reveal her boobtastic wonderments, well, I'm guessing even the aliens would sprout their first wood. The sextastic is truly universal. Huzzah!

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Jodie Gasson Topless Curvaceous Yellow Bikini Perfection for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays


Every now and then you need a little less drama with all your fine funbags, and a little more straight up, hand-delivered, if not hand fondled chest fineries, the likes of which are deftly provided by Jodie Gasson, one of absolute favorite bouncy flouncy bodies on this planet.

On Ta-Ta-Tuesdays, we celebrate all that is upright and downright passion inducing. It's the most forgotten day of the week, but not soon forgotten are the inner tubes of Jodie Gasson appearing from beneath her unraveling bikini top in this bodacious pictorial from the Britty glamour model. I could nest in her maternal splendors for a fortnight and a day with nothing for sustenance save the beads of sweat from our hurricane force lovemaking. I might also need a PB&J sandwich. And, then, obviously, a glass of milk. But that's all. Jodie provides the rest. Enjoy.

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Jodie Gasson Topless Pictures Are a Slow Seduction of the Sextastic


Oh, sure, there's nothing wrong with on the nose, and other body parts, in your face kind of hot topless glamour model exhibition. Nothing wrong at all. But I am so digging these photos of our funbag favorite, Jodie Gasson, getting all shadowy sultry and seductive, that I might just change my mind on foreplay being a huge waste of time. Just kidding. I think we all know the truth about that.

Nevertheless, there is certainly something to be said for the long, slow, tease. The tantalizing piece by piece reveal by a curvy, bending, preening luscious woman. And that thing to be said is, 'Dayum, I need a cold shower.' Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Takes It Off in the Office


Now, we strictly enforce a no nekkidness or striptease policy here in the Egotastic! offices. This is mostly because we're a land of doughy dudes and we will get arrested if we ask the fairer sex to participate in such an unveiling. But if Jodie Gasson worked here, I might risk the legal ramifications of requesting her to remove her kit for work time inspection. Oh, behave.

Jodie Gasson is what I need to get through my workweek. You can have your video games and your online puzzles and your Adderall, I need big juicy funbags on the body of a beautifully curvy woman, dropping her office clothes for a truly well-done job. I feel no shame in my simple desires. Only wants. And on this Humpday, I want Jodie. Huzzah!

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Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Topless Pictures Have the Asstastic Boobtastic Combination of a Curvaceous Goddess


If there's one request I get more than any other from readers, well, it can be summed up best in this thoughtful letter from EgoReader 'Evan':  "Please stop showing us so many skinny bitches!" Oh, Evan, in your eloquence you have symbolized our readership love, lust, and longing for girls who jiggle when they wiggle, have no straight lines anywhere on their bodies, and have cushion for the very serious pushin'.  Case in point, Jodie Gasson.

We could leer at every single inch of Jodie Gasson for every single minute of this humpday. What celebration of the midweek pinnacle would be complete without a peek at the Olympic peaks of Jodie Gasson. And her booty bentover whilst removing her leggings and leotard. Well, it'd almost be too much to bear if it wasn't just perfect to bear. Huzzah!

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Jodie Gasson Topless Red Nighty Striptease Culminates Pretty Much Every Jodie Gasson Fantasy I’ve Ever Had


Once upon a time, I made a list of my favorite private time fantasies. And sextastic buxom blonde stripping out of a red nighty came in at #37, which might not sound like such an honor, until you consider the fact that my list was over 10,000 entries long. Hey, it's my job and my hobby.

The sight of boobtastic glorioso Jodie Gasson dropping out of her red lingerie, well, that hit the sweet spot for sure. Such a fine female form slipping out of a silky lacy nighty, well, if this isn't in your own personal Top 50 dramas stored in your own tug vault, I'm not sure what you're filling yours with. Enjoy.

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