Jodie Gasson

Jodie Gasson Topless Tease In Purple Lingerie


British model and professional naked person Jodie Gasson showed off her luscious ta-tas in some sexy purple lingerie. The extra tight slip showed off all of her glorious curves. It was soon removed to display her big beautiful all-naturals for our viewing pleasure. Call me old fashioned, but I like 'em real and homemade, if you know what I mean. Maybe it's the Latin man in me that appreciates a girl that has a bit of junk in her trunk. Jodie certainly has a nice round booty that is shapely but in no way too big. Jodie is my kind of woman. I like a girl with curves. The times I've been with a curveless too skinny lady in the Biblical sense left me feeling kinda sad.

I'm sure any man who has the pleasure of doing the no-pants dance with Jodie doesn't ever feel unsatisfied. Maybe I'm just projecting here but I think she proficient in the art of doin' it.


Jodie Gasson Has Topless Adventure In The Desert


UK model Jodie Gasson showed off her twin peaks in the rocky wilderness of the desert. She starts off wearing a cropped shirt that doesn't cover the bottom of her ginormous sand dunes. But she's so very hot, so she pours water all over her shirt. But now her shirt is wet! Oh, no! What else can she do but take it off? Would you sit around with a soaking wet shirt? Of course not. Jodie's jugs are a sight to behold. They are without a doubt some of the best, most glorious funbags I've seen in a while and it's my job to study the female boobtacular region. She then strips down to her panties and coquettishly pretends like she's going to take them off. Jodie is a naughty girl.

I was out in the desert recently but I didn't see any topless girls like Jodie. There were some lizards and dudes selling turquoise jewelry though.

Jodie Gasson Topless Selfies Continue to Do the Sextastic Trick and Then Some


Oh, hello there, Jodie Gasson. How quite nice of you to be snapping photos of your own curvaceous goodness for super sharing with your fans and all those who delight in the fine female form in all its boobtastic splendor.

How can you not applaud a woman with the delicate graces of Jodie Gasson extending her arm and removing her top and capturing all the fun in her spectacular funbags for the sake of posterity. The term selfie really shouldn't be used in cases where the full self is not exposed. I don't need to see you in a sweater in front of a waterfall. Show me your exquisite celebrity body without any clothes on beneath that waterfall. Then you may use the term selfie. If only the world existed according to my rules. Well, me and Jodie's rules we'd make while in the tub together. Dare to dream. Enjoy.

Jodie Gasson Topless Selfies Are Simply Boobtastic Wonderments for Ta-Ta Tuesday


When we began with the topless selfies, we entered a new stage of consciousness I had longed for since the time I had my first thought of girls being naughty. Let's roughly call this age three. Sure, I love seeing the sextastic bosomy ladies being shot by professional photographers, but when these same lovelies share their own hotness with the world via handheld camera, wow, it's candidly arrousing.

Jodie Gasson has a body I'd like to dive into and stay for the winter. The manner in which we would survive the cold temperatures awaiting spring would someday make an erotic tale banned from sale in all civilized nations. Steamy and intense. Jodie's female form is like a playground with a sign warning you to prepare for the possibility of excessive chaffing. I am so so ready. Keep on clicking away, Jodie, you are making us very happy here. Enjoy.

Jodie Gasson Topless Sailor Girl Striptease Ships Ahoy for Ta-Ta-Tuesday


Oh how I do love the full-bodied goodness of Jodie Gasson. One of our featured celebrities recently wrote me with a request I not refer to her as a 'plus sized' model. Indeed, if only they knew I meant 'plus extra lust' when I'm describing our most curvy of visual treats in there here part. Sure, you can go beyond the curvy into something less delightful, but girls with what other girls like to call 'real bodies' always float my boat, raise my tides, and simultaneously sink my battleship with their soft fleshy goodness.

Jodie Gasson makes me want to be a man with longer arms and a couple more hands. All the more to delight in the playground that is her festive female form. Some men do prefer the skinny girls, and while I appreciate all shapes and sizes of alluring fine ladies, there's definitely something to be said for the girls who have a little jiggle in their giggle when they wiggle. And that thing is 'Please, don't stop'. Enjoy.

Jodie Gasson Topless Striptease Out of Her Leather and Straight Into Our Lust-Filled Hearts


Whoa. If you happen to like curvy ladies in, and out of, leather, then this might just give you your first irregular heart beat of the new year. The deliciously curvaceous Jodie Gasson working her way ever so seductively out of her leather bustier and down to her black stockings and panties. When the hide comes off and the faptastic funbags are revealed, well that truly is the best part of this private moving picture. I guess the photos themselves aren't really moving so much as my eyes keep fluttering at the sight of my belusted Jodie in soft feminine form.

As we reflect upon the past years offering of so much sextastic hot bodies, we give a little bow down to the full-bodied and cushiony loveliness of ladies like Jodie who remind us how much we'd love to roll around the hay with a woman of bodily substance. Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Jodie Gasson Pours Wine Over Her Spectacular Topless Body Because Why The Heck Not?


My plan was to run out today earlier and buy up every single Christmas present I've yet to purchase on my list this year. Then I remembered I had completely completed my list several weeks ago purchasing online gifts for my mom, my smoked meats purveyor, and my emotionally-retarded dog Mr. Fiddles. Leaving me tons of free time this December to simply stare and long for the beautiful topless bodies of bodacious hotties like Jodie Gasson, pouring wine over her bare bosom like a Greek goddess just kind of rubbing it in your face. Oh, how I wish she would rub them in my face.

On Fridays, we celebrate the culmination of our week's worth of visual wonderment travels. A bacchanalia of the boobtastic with fermented spirits dripping down like so many impassioned kisses upon the very fine yodelayheehoos of Jodie Gasson. Thank God It's Funbags!

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