Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa Bikinis in Pink and Blue for Miami Poolside Cooldown

Joanna Krupa is back from her brief L.A. awards show trip to her home in Miami where she has a pool surrounded by cameras and she obliges by putting on perfectly revealing little bikinis most days to show off her tremendously ripe housewife body. It’s really a quite nice symbiotic relationship between hottie and gentleman ogler and a model for how the world should work.

We’ve always had a hard soft spot for Joanna. This year she has been particularly benevolent to all of us in terms of wonderful bikini and topless visuals. So, together, we’d like to wish Joanna a very merry seasons greetings and a happy new year. Or nude year if she’s taking selfies with that camera. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Nipple Poking and Hot Bikini Weekend in Miami

Nope, those aren’t two tiny guns in her top, Joanna Krupa is just damn glad to meet you. And, why not. The Housewife seems to have a pretty decent life of shopping, sunbathing, and filming her craptastic reality show. Not bad for a simply hot girl from Poland. As a matter of thanks, Joanna does like to give back to her community of gentleman oglers, be it flashing her full headlights in a sheer dress while out shopping (above), or showing off once more in a bikini at her pool which seems to be perfectly constructed for paparazzi photos

Joanna is definitely a giver. And with that ridiculously hot body of hers, we are definitely visual takers so the formula works rather perfectly. There’s a lot to be said about Joanna Krupa, but selfish and withdrawn is certainly not one of them. Blessedly so. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Wears a Turquoise Bikini Poolside in Miami

Joanna Krupa Bikini Pictures Are Red Hot and Deliciously Tan

Who has the better life? Joanna Krupa who gets to lay out in the sun by her pool most every day baking her perfect bikini body, or, us gentleman oglers who get to size her up, down, and sideways in her tiny two pieces. The answer is neither. It’s actually the guy who gets to help her remove her red bikini and lotion her skin after her bouts in the sun that has it best, that lucky bastard, but we don’t have it so bad.

Just peeking at the fine booty and body on Joanna Krupa in her regular exhibitionist jaunts makes me feel at one with the world, or at least at one with my male nature, sometimes, literally at one so I do keep the No Me Moleste sign handy outside the door. She is one fine Housewife who you don’t even have to watch that insipid show to catch in her most glorious visuals. Yeah, we’ve got it pretty good. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Bikini Super Fine Pink Cartwheel Pictures

The hottest Housewife of them all, Joanna Krupa, showed off once again in a bright colored bikini in her poolside play retreat, flashing all kinds of hot body and booty and even throwing in some gymnastics to flash her passion inducing undercarriage. All in a day’s work for Joanna who knows how to get her sextastic bikini body noticed in a two-piece suit, or, if we’re lucky, even less.

Bless you, Joanna, for allowing us to be a part of your weekend fun time. For the record, you’re also welcome to drop by my place any time and watch me watch ten straight hours of football in my La-Z-Boy recliner each Sunday. I’ll skip the shirt if you bring the beer. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra And Joanna Krupa Steal the L.A. Nightclub Halloween Show

I must give it up big time for Carmen Electra, who dazzled on the East Coast on The Today Show in her Baywatch swimsuit, then made it back to L.A. in time for Halloween proper as a red latex devil at the Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Hollywood. Carmen is sewing her oats, as they say, looking kicking hot for a young 40-something complete with cougar cub boyfriend who seems to have tattooed a perma-smile on her face. Her asstastic I believe she owes mostly all to her own hard work.

Joining the devilish Carmen was the angelic Joanna Krupa, one sextastic heavenly form in white, showing off all the hard work she does on her own newly married female form. Between the two of them, heaven and hell, and a whole lot of thoughtful sins in betwixt. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Hot Stripclub Sideboob in Sin City

Joanna Krupa has been soaking up so much visual attention these days, it only made sense I suppose that Crazy Horse III would recruit her as a hostess this past weekend in Vegas. Nice gig for Joanna who has no reached the upper echelons of naughty hottie goodness with this classic name in strip clubbery paying her big dollars to show up all shiny and sparkling and showy to bring in the manfolk to their upscale establishment.

I’ve been in lust with Joanna Krupa since I first laid peeps upon her. The thought of a private dance in the champagne room from the Polish-American hottie, just almost too much (and/or too expensive) to contemplate. Enjoy.