Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa Topless, Bikini, and Sports Bra Weekend in Miami


Joanna Krupa is one of the sole reasons to watch any of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo. I mean, other than waiting to see who gets arrested next, or falls down drunk and humiliated in front of their own children. And those last two really aren't reason to watch, because you could just as easily stand by the freeway and watch accidents happen. But Joanna Krupa definitely has watchability.

The recently married and still wickedly hot Polish-American model spent the weekend topless by her pool, as well as making an appearance on the beach in her bikini...

...and also showing Miami exactly how it is she keeps her body in shape with her tight shorts and bra top sweating about town...

Anyway you slice it, was one hell of a weekend for all Joanna Krupa lusters. Starting most definitely with another look at her fine topless top. Now I must count the days until she drops the current husband and once again becomes a single woman for me to write inappropriate lust letters. Oh, man, that body! Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Sideboob Pimping in Vegas

I've never understood the concept of naming anything in Vegas 'Rehab', but who am I to lay blame upon a nightclub that brings out super hottie and sideboob flashing Joanna Krupa to pimp one of their Sin City events. I'm not that guy. I don't look a gift horse, let alone the boobtastic of one of our finest, in the mouth, err, chest.

Recently married to a nightclub investor (that doesn't sound the least bit shady), Joanna Krupa seems to be beaming from side to side, at least the sides that I'm looking at. She really does know how to draw attention to her wares. Which is an art for which they will pay you handsomely in Las Vegas. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa and Kendra Wilkinson Go Battle Cleavage Decked Out for Party-Time

While Joanna Krupa is newly married to a nightclub investor (which doesn't sound shady at all) and Kendra Wilkinson is married to an ex-NFL player turned handbag holder, both wives love to get attention for their chestal regions, leading to a little cleave-off over this past weekend.

Joanna was at BOA Steakhouse celebrating with her newlywed husband and showing off her model body...

While Kendra was in Vegas at some club or another being paid to smile and pimp her wares to draw visitors into the establishment.

Two women, two separate purposes, two sets of very fine and full funbags. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Pimps Bikinis in Sin City with Her Real Housewife Friends

Joanna Krupa seems to be pretty blindly ambitious. I can respect that when it involves her walking around topless by her pool for the paparazzi, or selling bikinis in Vegas using the best model she knows -- herself.

Joanna and her Real Housewives of Miami ladyfriends were in Sin City over the weekend pimping Joanna's signature swimwear line. And while a number of these housewives are not exactly visual bikini treats, Lisa Hochstein and Adriana DeMauro more than held their own in their tiny suits alongside Joanna. All in all, it was one pretty dam hot merchandising event.

Sell on, Joanna. Do whatever it takes to close the deal. We'll keep watching. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Topless Poolside Bikini Candid Perfection! Thank God It’s Funbags!


I'm not sure what possessed Joana Krupa to remove her bikini top while hanging out poolside in Miami, but, I am so happy with her decision.

The long-time belusted Polish-American hottie on these here pages, now Real Housewives of Miami famous, Joanna Krupa produces some of the finest visuals we've ever seen. She's simply sextastic. And while we've peeked at her peaks before, this is perhaps the finest candid topless pictures we've encountered with the blonde hottie.

So, we are thankful. And given that it's a Friday, we shout out. Thank God It's Funbags!

Joanna Krupa Bikini Pictures for the Hottest Housewife Exhibition

I still don't think Joanna Krupa is married, but she is the true star and really only tier-one hottie in all of Real Housewives land, so who's going to quibble with a legal relationship status over her?

We've been lusting Joanna Krupa and her Polish-American sister for several years now, through a rapid rise in the modeling ranks and while I never thought it would wind up with a craptastic Bravo! TV casting, hey, whatever brings out Joanna in her little bikinis work for me. And I'm assuming for you. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Hot and Cleavy and Prophylactic All Over

Sextastic housewife and model Joanna Krupa and a condom promotional event seems like a no-brainer for making some sexually charged, provocative, catty statement about wanting to have rounds and rounds of spent condom fun time with Joanna. Or how now that I have the glove, how about some sweaty fruit glazed love, Joanna? Or maybe mentioning that my entire body is ribbed for her pleasure.

No, I'd rather mention the charity component of this event, and what a swell person Joanna is for being a supportive member of the charity. And speaking of supporting swollen members... ah, Durex. Enjoy.