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Laura Prepon Topless! ‘Donna’ Finally Exposes Her Funbags in ‘Lay the Favorite’

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I think it’s fair to say that many of you have waited for at least twelve years, DIH (you figure out what that means), for the site of Laura Prepon and her glorious melons to finally be exposed on camera. Well, for not only those long time That 70′s Show fans, but for those fools who forced themselves to watch Are You There Chelsea? just to be connected visually to Laura Prepon, well, today, this one (or three) is for you.

Laura Prepon topless in Lay the Favorite.

And, by the way, Jo Newman, who we had the distinct pleasure of meeting in our Egotastic! offices, mighty hot and equally topless. Enjoy.

(Thanks to a ton of EgoReaders for this, including ‘James’ and ‘Dave S.’)


Jo Newman Sexy Ginger in FHM; Visits Egotastic! (VIDEO)

Oh, Jo Newman, how you shall haunt my early morning dreams henceforth.

There’s nothing I love more than discovering sexy new celebrities; okay, there is something I love more, discovering sexy new gingers, oh, wait, there’s something I love even more, when those sexy gingers come to visit Egotastic! Not since the day my super ginger crush Renee Olstead dipped her sexy self into my closet of perversion here in our penthouse offices has my heart raced with such aflutter (technically, thanks to way too many KFC Double Downs, if my heart rates rises about 78 bpm, I’ll die, but let’s still call it ‘aflutter’). Say hello to Jo Newman, a strikingly hot young actress, currently seen in Love and Other Drugs. We sat her down for an interview here in our offices, to be honest, just an excuse to ogle her. But well worth the ruse. She’s currently gracing the pages of FHM magazine with her sexy bikini pictures, and, now, she is indelibly inked in the lust region of my male brain, also known as, the entire male brain. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out Jo Newman in the first of our soon to be epic series of ‘a random 2 minutes with‘ sexy actress interview series. Like I said, a total cheesecake excuse to spend time with hot women, but I shall offer no apology.

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