Jo Evans

Jo Evans Striptease in Nylons Makes Me Want to Be a Man With More Hands

Jo Evans Topless Nylons Striptease in the Bedroom
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We haven’t seen petite hottie Jo Evans in a little while around these parts, and we have been worse for her absence. This little sextastic minx seems to have perfected the subtle art of the naughty girl striptease, including costumes and nylons that heighten the surge of blood away from areas of the body that have little use for oxygen, such as the brain and the heart, and toward the more oxygen deserving anatomical appendages where they can be fruitful and multiply.

On Tuesdays we like to celebrate the tantalizing ta-ta’s that make us smile all over. Jo Evans fits that bill of cruise director on this particular journey into the prurient parts of our imaginations. Bless you for your fine work, Jo. Let’s grab a sandwich some time and discuss our hot bodies, most notably, yours. Enjoy.

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Jo Evans Topless Striptease in Nylons

Humpday Huzzah! Jo Evans Flashes Her Sporty Funbags for Elite

Jo Evans Topless for Elite Magazine November 2013
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Just by way of FYI, model Jo Evans should not be mistaken for Texas A&M women’s softball coach Jo Evans who you may still want to see topless, but that’s between you and the lamp post, as it were. Model Jo Evans all kinds of hot and topless and promoting Knicks basketball (somebody has to), I’m pretty confident you’re going to want to check out.

Featured on the pages of Elite Magazine, we get to spend our midweek celebration of all things boobtastic with Jo and her half-shirts and her panties and not a whole lot else. Well, the cap, if that does anything for you. Sports babes are always 5-10 percent hotter just by association to professional athletics, this is true. Huzzah!

Photo credit: @tripodski