Jillian Michaels

Why Is Jillian Michaels Nekkid in Shape Magazine? Well, Why Not

Suffice it to say, Jillian Michaels is now officially a member of my 40 and Faptastic club. I think she was before, but she hasn’t been forty for very long and she certainly hasn’t been almost entirely nekkid for very long. But there she is in Shape magazine slightly covering her fun bits, but providing a look at one of the fittest veteran bodies you will ever see.

Check out Jillian Michaels nude photo series from Shape on WWTDD. It won’t change your world views, but it will make you wish she was working out next to you at the gym. You know, other than that embarrassing you by lifting more part. Enjoy.

Jillian Michaels Bikini Top Pictures For MILFtastic Goodness

You know being both a progressive and a prurient man, I’m prone to favor the ladies who find pleasure in getting nekkid with other ladies to express their divine passions. This can be real, or the faked kind in movies, I’m pretty open when it comes to voyeuristic partaking of the lesbionics.

Jillian Michaels adds a nice dash of hard bodied fitness and bikini body goodness to her public outings. And she does so much good for all those large people on her TV show. Such a giving woman. And a yeller. If she were single, and liked men, I’d totally let her reject me in a painful manner. Enjoy.

Jillian Michaels And Heidi Rhoads Bikini Pictures Remind Us Why Sapphic Love Is The Sweetest

Just the term scissor-kissing is enough to stimulate the imagination, but when you throw in Reality TV star fitness trainer Jillian Michaels and her lickable and lovable life partner, Heidi Rhoads, both in bikinis in the waters of Miami, well, I’m already three steps past decency in my imagination. With some girl dolls, I could act out exactly what I’m imagining these two when those bikinis come off back in the hotel room, but I’d probably be arrested under some sort of Puppet Indecency laws.

Sometimes Slot B goes into Slot B, and wonderful things happen. Enjoy.