Jessie J

Jessie J Down to Bikini Bottoms for London Leggy Show

The British pop stars are certainly doing their part to keep up with the exhibitionist nature of their American counterparts. Jessie J is no slouch in figuring out that skin is as important to musical success in the market today as is vocal quality. In fact, if you have to choose one or the other, just remember, your computer can sing for you, but it can’t look leggy and amazing in bikini bottoms on stage. Not yet. Terminator technology coming one day.

Jessie J lit up the libidos of young men in attendance at her show in London, working the stage in bikini bottoms, letting everybody have a sweet gander at her young lady stems. It’s worth the price of admission for even the most auditory cynical gentleman ogler. All I’d ask for is a front row seat. Or that security not keep confiscating my binoculars with x-ray technology. I need those to hear. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J, and Tulisa Contostavlos Highlight the Braless Hotness at the Mobo Awards

I’m not exactly sure what the British Mobo Awarda are for. There are simply too many award shows these days to keep track of them all. There must be fifty between the U.S. and the U.K. and my head is already filled with Flinstones trivia. I have no more space. Suffice it to say, this awards show seemed to encourage its hottie attendees to go braless, so I fully support whatever they were rewarding last evening.

Some of Britain’s finest music industry makers such as Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J, and Tulisa Contostavlos showed up the event decked out and looking to show off the hours of hard work in yoga by way of slinky sultry skin tight dresses without much need for undergarment support. I’d like an award show just for sextastic celebrities dressing commando. I know precisely where I’d like to pin the medals. Congratulations to all the winners of awards at this show for who knows what. And congratulations to use gentleman oglers who now get to see the very best bits. Enjoy.

Jessie J In See-Through Shirt And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Jessie J covered topless in Cosmo UK is jolly good, ol chap. (COED)

Katherine Heigl‘s crew joins her in nekkidness for her sex scene. (Huffington Post)

Chrissy Teigen slips a nip. (Drunken Stepfather)

Miley Cyrus goes rub-a-dub in the bathtub. (The Superficial)

Unpronounceable hottie Edita Vilkeviciute is sexy as F in lingerie. (Popoholic)

Lady Gaga takes off her shirt to show off her new tattoo. (Dlisted)

Hannah Davis shows off her goods in a sexy bikini shoot. (Busted Coverage)

Jessie J Bikini Sun Time and Fun Time in Brazil

You know you’ve reached celebrity status when you’re getting your photo taken on the beaches of Brazil, half a world away from your British homeland.

Jessie J has reached that level in the pop music world, with photographers capturing her slender, natural frame in a bikini on the beach in Rio, not to mention a girl kissing her shoulder, as if we’d miss something like that. Enjoy. 

Taylor Swift Looks Hot, But Berenice Marlohe and Jessie J Deep Cleavage Win the 2013 BRIT Awards

It’s not just award season here in the U.S., back in Jolly Old England the Britty types are also honoring their celebrities for their unending contributions to the artistic endowment of the human race, and, more importantly, bringing together some super hotties decked out and showing off in the process. So, we are obliged to peek.

And while Taylor Swift certainly looked rather stellar all dressed up and showing off her newly composed figure, it was Bond girl Berenice Marlohe, along with singer Jessie J, who stole the red carpet with displays of the boobtastic that deserved a herald’s triumphant horn blast. Berenice in particular was flashing so much cleavage that we had our fingers crossed for a full on malfunction, of her wardrobe I mean, not our private parts, though the two clearly would’ve gone hand in hand, as it were. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jessie J Camel Toe, Phoebe Cates Nekkid, Sara Jean Underwood Topless, and Much Much More…

Phoebe Cates Nekkid Shower Scene in Paradise
Click to See Uncensored

In light of the Kate Middleton ‘scandal’ today, we decided to go Brit heavy on the weekly collection of user-generated skin-filled content we refer to quite affectionately as Reader Finds. What better way to celebrate the hotness in the U.K., than through some of the most wicked body-flashing babes from the Old Country flashing their guns, without scandal, just polite leers with pinkies in the air, as it ought to be.

Today’s Reader Finds includes newly classically belusted Hayley-Marie Coppin nekkid in the film Cashback (thanks to ‘Kurtis’ for this lovely discovery), Jessie J camel toe in concert (kudos to EgoReader ‘Big Dave’), nekkid classic views of Phoebe Cates in Paradise (thank you, ‘Jess D.’), Rhian Sugden topless in the office from Frank White (blessings to ‘Ron’), Emily Scott wicked Aussie topless (gracias to ‘Longneck’), Sara Jean Underwood nekkid cowgirl (whoa, and thanks to ‘Bill B.’), Sofia Vergara boobtastic in Lace photoshoot (thank you much to ‘Ren’), Samara Weaving in skin tight tanks (we bow down to ‘Leonard K.’ for this Down Under wonder), glamour model Danielle Sheehan in glasses and without top (thanks to EgoReader ‘Coolee’), more Britty topless pics from super hot Emma Frain (blessings to ‘Ian’ for this goodness), and Old Country sextastic play from Melissa Debling and India Reynolds in Loaded (love across the pond from ‘Daniel H.’) . Enjoy.

Rihanna Battles Jessie J in a Bare Midriff Diva-Off at Wireless Music Fest in England

It’s hard to fathom how women baring their taut, tight tummies in public in some nations would be cause for a stoning-to-death (that’s stoning, not stoned-to-death, Pablo, who works in the closet in our IT center that always has skunky smoke pouring out from under the doorway).

But, in the more enlightened and blessedly depraved quarters of the globe, the sight of Rihanna and Jessie J flashing their bare midriffs on the Wireless Music Festival stage over the weekend, well, it just gives you a happy kind of hot pop star on stage tingle, right in your enlightened areas.

The two divas going navel to navel in a battle over the finest looking midsections at the British music festival and driving all the lads crazy. It’s a good thing, more skin would be a great thing, but a cultural phenomenon still to be cherished. Enjoy.