Jessie Andrews

Jessie Andrews Topless Lingerie Modeling for Hope, Lust, and All Things In Between


Jessie Andrews moved from American Apparel store work to adult film work, which is the reverse of what typically occurs for girls career wise. Now she's back to modeling lingerie for the Hope Lingerie line in a manner she's most accustomed to, that is, showing off the better part of her naturally fine female form.

I know when I'm buying lingerie, you know, under my fake name, I'm looking for something that need not actually cover the body. There's underwear and there's lingerie. One is for wearing, one is for waiting to take off after your Groupon dinner with Bill at the Sizzler. It's a distinction with a very important difference. Jessie Andrews gets it. So I honor her by ogling. Enjoy.

Jessie Andrews Bikini Pictures Bring the Evening Film Star Into Daylight Natural Hotness

Here's something you don't see all that often. One of your favorite adult entertainers modeling bikinis on the beach in Miami. I mean 'your' favorite mature themed entertainers as obviously I remain to devout and wholesome to ever consume such content more than an hour or two per year month week day.

But Jessie Andrews has got it seriously going on with that natural body of hers. Sweet booty. Petite female form. She could really makes something of this day job activity. Not that the ladies of adult film don't provide an invaluable service to mankind as well. If nothing else, they keep the species reproducing at regular and healthy rates. Bless you, Jessie Andrews, on so many wonderful levels. Enjoy.

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Jessie Andrews Topless Stockings Modeling for ‘American Apparel’


I'm not exactly sure what vaunted young adult film star Jessie Andrews is modeling wardrobe wise in this shoot, it seems to be maybe stockings, but I care not. When last year's AVN top award winner takes to doing a modeling shoot, I'm going to bear witness to its fashion majesty regardless, because why not imitate the stylings of a girl who knows pretty much exactly what every guy likes. And not just by guesswork, but research in the field. At least 150+ times documented on video.

For her part, Jessie looks quite spectacular and playful and everything else you're looking for in a model. I mean, I'd purchase those stockings, not to wear obviously, though surprisingly I'd still spend a lot of time on the phone wavering over sizes. Enjoy.

Jessie Andrews Nekkid Pictures for Another Hot Feather in the Terry Richardson Chateau Cap


Granted, you may not think it's that hard to get a porn star bare-ass nekkid in your hotel room, but I dare you to go and try.

You know who has no problem with such matters? Lucky bastard photographer Terry Richardson who can get all sorts of celebrity females to come up to his Chateau Marmont hotel room for a couple cocktails, an undressing, and let the camera fun games begin. And Terry didn't get just any porn star up to his room for his latest shoot, he got Jessie Andrews, the quite young (though legal, natch) winner of the Best Actress award at the AVNs this past year, to slip out of her clothing, and do the rare feat for her of not having sex, but posing sexy, for Terry's camera.

You be the judge of the work product. We'll be the judge of Terry, that lucky lucky bastard.