Jessica Vaugn

Humpday Huzzah! Jessica Vaugn Topless Perfection for the Art of Sex

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Oh, blessed hump day in the middle of the week. The hill climbed indicating half our toils are behind us, only half ahead. The fact that it also happens to represent the shape of sweet teats only fortifies the regal relevance of Humpday, upon which we do celebrate the most bodacious tubes across the entire planet.

Jessica Vaugn is not so hard on the eyes, though assuredly hard on the elsewhere parts. Featured in the Art of Sex photoshoot, Jessica shows you that a little bling is really all a woman needs to wear for perfect framing of her fine female form. Clothing is most definitely optional, even insulting really, around the amazingly curvaceous body of girls like Jessica. Leave well enough alone. Huzzah!

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