Jessica Simpson

Holy Jessica Simpson Cleavage, Batman!

Okay, so a lot of people are giving Jessica Simpson a hard time because she’s kinda been getting fat. But as a side effect of that, Jessica Simpson’s breasts have also gotten bigger than ever before. So it’s kinda win lose. Except when Jessica Simpson visited Ellen DeGeneres it was definitely win win (especially for Ellen, one would assume) (because Ellen is gay) (Get it?). Anyway, Jessica Simpson’s cleavage was spectacular, and I, for one, hope she keeps pounding back those cheeseburgers, and letting those puppies loose!

Jessica Simpson’s Boobs are a Hand Full

Why is it the gay guy always get to feel up women’s breasts without any consequences. I mean, every time I try to grab a random girl’s breasts, it never ends well, but because those guys are gay, it’s okay because it’s “not sexual.” Whatever. Here’s Jessica Simpson’s breast being grabbed by her stylist / gay best friendwho gets payed to hang out with her. I guess it’s been a while since Jess has gotten any, so a little contact is better than none. They are tremendous boobs, though – check out that cleavage. Can’t blame a guy (even a gay guy) for trying.

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Jessica Simpson’s Cleavage Claims Another Victim

In case you thought Jessica Simpson’s cleavage was just a lovely thing to ogle, or maybe one day rest your head against, think again. Those bodacious boobs are dangerous weapons. Well, sorta. You see, as Jessica and her hairdresser/best friend, Ken Paves, were leaving a restaurant, the Paparazzi swarmed to get a closer look at Jessica’s boobage, and dear old Ken got popped in the face by a camera. Ouch! Ken was taken to the hospital and got 9 stitches, reports the New York Daily News. Oh well. At least Jessica’s cleavage was unharmed.

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Jessica Simpson Flashes Some Ass


Hey, you wanna see Jessica Simpson’s ass? Sure you do, and here it is. Jessica was performing on Good Morning America the other day and “accidently” flashed her ass. It wasn’t really an accident, because it looks like Jessica Simpson will do just about anything to get press for her new album. But if that means we get to see more of Jessica Simpson’s ass, that’s fine by me. In fact, I think this might actually be the first time we’ve ever seen it.

Oh, and either she was wearing a very, very, very tiny thong, or Jessica Simpson wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.

Stuff Between Jessica Simpson’s Breasts Part 1: A Microphone

Okay, so I’m really hoping this post becomes a regular feature here on Egotastic!, because I would really like to see more stuff between Jessica Simpson’s breasts. It’s basically the Egotastic! version of Stuff on My Cat. For this first of hopefully many posts, we have the classic microphone, gently nuzzled between Jessica Simpson’s ample cleavage. And yes, I’m thinking what you’re thinking.

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Jessica Simpson Makes With The Cleavage

Seems Jessica Simpson is feeling a little left out of the cleavage game and wants to remind everyone that she’s got some big’uns of her own. Jessica was out on the town in New York with her best friend/hair dresser, and a revealingly low-cut dress. Because sometimes, when your career is in the toilet after a faltered country reboot, you just need to let people know that you still have big boobs and are willing to show them off from time to time.

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Jessica Simpson Bikini Pictures

Who? Jessica Simpson. Where? Don’t know. When? Yesterday, I think. What? Jessica Simpson bikini pictures! Why? Do you really have to ask?

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