Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant, Which Can Only Mean More Cleavage to Come

Check out the full set of pictures of Jessica Simpson cleavetastic leanings during her Macy’s book signing at

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Jessica Simpson Cleavage Pictures Tell Us She’s in Love

Like many of us, I’m a long time Jessica Simpson boob and cleavage follower. I’ve been watching those billowing fun bags for years now, all the while documenting my findings in a leather-bound notebook titled, ‘The Boob Habits of the Jessica Simpson’. Based upon my research, I can unequivocally tell you that the deep cleavage shown in these random kimono-in-Italy Jessica Simpson pictures indicates that the cowgirl from Abilene is very much in love. Oh, it doesn’t really matter to whom, because you know it’s a football player, and you know it’ll be a different one by next month, the point is, the angle, depth, and coverage of her boobage indicates romantic infatuation. I’m happy for her. And her boobs.

Photo credit: INF Photo