Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes Brings Her Round Mounds Out for Show at the Sugar Hut

It's not often we reference 90210 other than for our be-lusted AnnaLynne McCord, but, today, other silly high school reboot dramedy star Jessica Lowndes made waves in the Old Country over the weekend with her big puppies pressed up into a ogle-thee-well position outside the Sugar Hut in Essex, where the girls do like to flaunt their wares.

The Cannuckian actress gave the old heave to her ho's and the results were a bit of globular goodness that was very hard to deny the urge to start setting up the volleyball nets. Round mounds of astound. Enjoy.

Jessica Lowndes Flashes Some ‘Ship of the Desert’ After Sweaty Yoga Workout

Oh, lycra stretchpants, how you give and give.

90210 TV starlet Jessica Lowndes joined the rest of the celebrity hottie community in Miami this week, the sextastic brunette taking some time out of holiday celebration to hit the Bikram yoga studio where they crank the temperatures up to one bazillion degrees so that the entire facility turns into one foot and body order hotbox. On the upside, there is the blood racing sweat. Which did lead Jessica Lowndes to embark looking all kinds of hot and bothered and what appears to be slightly swollen in her nether regions, flashing what appears to be the toe o' the camel sneaking out from beneath her stretchpants seam.

We'd probably need CSI Miami to get us the real skinny, or, puffy, as it were. Enjoy.

Future Hotties of Hollywood Gather For Teen Vogue’s Young Celebrity Shindig

The NFL has the college ranks. MLB, the minor leagues. And sexy celebrities' Hottieville has the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party, the magazine's annual event to honor the future ogle-worthy candidates of Tinsel Town Tomorrow, featuring the younger celebs just breaking it on a show or two or three today, guaranteed (not quite) to be on your futures sextastic list come age of legal tender and such.

Though not technically a teen any longer, Sarah Hyland wins my prize (and my lower heart lust strings) for hottie of the evening, a veritable red carpet of coming of age genetic superiors that included Christa Allen, Claire Holt, Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Lowndes, Megan Park, Rachel Fox, and Stella Hudgens (Vanessa's younger sister). Remember these names if you do not know them yet; you will be seeing much of all of them in the coming years I highly suspect. Enjoy.


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Jessica Lowndes Strips Down Sexy (Not Quite Enough) for FHM

Are you down with the Lowndes?

While Jessica Lowndes was partying in London with the FHM, it looks like she took time out of her busy day to put together one hella sexy pictorial for the magazine, flashing her 90210 assets like a real pro. It's just something about her eyes that draws you in for a user experience that makes you all tingly and feeling like you need a special alone time nap. Of course, once you get past the eyes, there are so many other treats to visually devour, it's an all over, out-of-booty experience not to be missed. Jessica Lowndes is quickly climbing my charts of happiness. Enjoy.

(See more of Jessica Lowndes and other cover girls at

Jessica Lowndes Lets It Almost All Hang Out at FHM Party

I'd like to give a general shoutout to sexy celebrities who wear extremely low cut tops and lean forward into paparazzi cameras. Ladies, you make this world a much more beautiful place in which to reside. Bless you.

Such was the case last night with Jessica Lowndes of 90210 budding fame as she made her way into FHM's party surrounding their Top 100 list launch, with her hush puppies almost taking a taste of complete freedom in her littlest of little red numbers. Jessica Lowndes herself came in #79 on FHM's list, which I still have no idea how it's compiled, but she ought to jump up a good twenty or thirty spots just for her party funbags. Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord Retro Thong Flash on the Set of 90210 (BONUS VIDEO)

I'd like to be the wardrobe designer for 90210, you know, just for a day, or an hour, or the amount of time I could before some lady screamed and the police came and arrested me. When asked how hottie AnnaLynne McCord should dress in a certain scene, I'd rub my chin pensively, wait a moment, then blurt out, 'Something tight and hot'. I'd do that pretty much every time. Skinny yes, but I still love the body on that spectacularly sexy young actress, seen here on the set of 90210 in some 60's get up, stretchy, tight, asstastic. With a bonus see-through bottom to the thong. Winner winner chicken dinner. Enjoy.

Little bonus here. Jessica Lowndes, sexy co-star of AnnaLynne McCord on 90210, prancing a bit in some bra and panties. Worth an ogle for sure.

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