Jessica-Jane Clement

Jessica-Jane Clement Outtakes, Just Downright Extraordinarily Hot

Jessica-Jane Clement is most undoubtedly one of the under-sung sextastic heroes of Hottieville, an underrated beauty with a uniquely amazing look and curvaceous body that men have literally killed for throughout the ages. (Thanks to modern technology, the killing part is no longer necessary, but you can still pretend to get all Cain and Abel with your fellow man for her affections if you like.)

These outtakes from last month’s Nuts photoshoot of the amazing glamour model from Sheffield is like a résumé of extraordinary abilities, the kind that makes you both universally employable and ogle-worthy in one fell swoop. (Some of these outtakes mimic the photos from the original published set, though these are superior resolution, for our collector friends.) Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement Super Hot Lingerie Spread for Maxim Russia

There’s nothing about Jessica-Jane Clement that we don’t thorough lust here. From her evocative name right down to her evocative and ridiculously hot body, we are a veritable frenzy of Clement fanatics here in our penthouse basement offices. Oh, perhaps these lingerie pictures of the delicious and eternally-tempting Jessica-Jane from this month’s Maxim Russia aren’t hot off the presses (Maxim, they recycle like no other green-friendly company on the planet), but they are hot burning and searing their indelible images into the recesses of our libidos, for forever types of withdrawals at our private time discretion. We even lust the ink on this girl, if only it listed her private phone number. Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement Sexy Bikini Pictures Guaranteed to Give You a Full Body Smile

It’s not often that we bring to you a selection from our good friends at Nuts that does not involve a fully bevy-load of full-frontal, but Jessica Jane Clement just looks so ridiculously hot in the current magazine edition in her little bikini top and bottoms, we just had to share. The TV personality and glamour model from Sheffield sure does clean up nicely. And by that, I mean, I sure would like to make her dirty and then watch her clean up again. So dayum hot. Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement Nippletastic Sexy for Nuts

Oh, Jessica-Jane Clement, my lovely Sheffield lass, you will be mine. You don’t know it yet, for sure, but you will when you receive my dozen roses (well, half dozen, I can’t really afford the full twelve, and, maybe they might be carnations, I had a coupon, but you get the intentions, I hope) and you get weak in the knees and prepare your boudoir for my arrival, which surely must include the laying of the lavender silken sheets, fluffing of the pillows, and the purchasing of the nightstand Cheetos®, daddy’s love machine don’t run on thin air.

Our friends at Nuts have really outdone themselves this time, capturing the poking beauty of this sexy British celebrity glamour model, in just a little bit of sheer clothing, perfect for the ripe plucking in the recesses of the libido, where happy thoughts go to become even happier. Jessica-Jane, listen for the knocks. Enjoy.

Jessica Jane Clement Boobtastic Lingerie Pictures Certain to Drive British Tourism (VIDEO)

Luvs me some Jessica Jane Clement. There is something extra especially hot about this glamour model and TV personality that incudes lust even in a black and white video (that’s what they called color before they had color for you young whippersnappers). Featured in the August edition of Loaded, Jessica Jane proves once again why lingerie is one of the few acceptable forms of clothing for sexy celebrities, especially those with amazing funbags and ridiculously hard bodies and curves that seem to go on as far as the ocean waves. If this brunette doesn’t have you calling British Airways for a one-way ticket to the Old Country, then you are simply not ogling close enough. Enjoy.

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Jessica-Jane Clement Goes Black and Naughty for Loaded

Could there be anything more right than naughty girls in naughty lingerie? Well, me and the current edition of Loaded magazine say, ‘nay’, with mutual admiration of British B-list actress but A-list glamour model Jessica-Jane Clement in black lady underthings. We’ve loved this limey lady since she was last year’s Lynx girl (taken over by Kelly Brook who got taken over by Lucy Pinder – now there’s a British line of succession whose lingerie drawers I’d like to inspect). Jessica-Jane Clement. That body, those boobs, my heart. Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement Topless Awesome Poolside Treats


Do you love hot British actresses and glamor models when they get topless at the pool, by the beach, and, oh, during early auditions? Why, of course you do. In which case, this triple treat from Jessica Jane Clement, young, but veteran star of U.K. TV, cheesy movies, and some very nice pinup photoshoots. I’m not sure what’s in the water in her home town of Sheffield, but it seems to be breeding a whole lot of hotness. Add tiny swimsuit, take off the top, stir, and you have the recipe for a sweet humpday treat. Enjoy.

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