Jessica Davies

Jessica Davies Topless Pictures For Selfie Sextastic Satisfaction

Jessica Davies More Topless Bikini Selfies
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When the Siamese triplets who run my IT department told me I needed to test out our new system I immediately went to thoughts of big luscious lovely chest pillows. And since Jessica Davies seems happily intent on documenting her own preciously feathery set, I thought, why not make this an experiment of digital technology. I am pretty sure this is why the Internet was invented in the first place.

Jessica Davies seems particularly pleased with her plump and juicy peaches. If I had Funions like Jessica, I’d probably take five minutes out of my eighteen hour a day bubble bath schedule to visually brag about my yum yums as well. I consider it the highest order of charity, something just beyond anonymous acts of generosity. The sharing of the boobtastic selfies. It’s what hottie saints are made of. Enjoy.

Jessica Davies Topless Selfies a Sextastic Salv for a Mammarial Monday

Jessica Davies Topless Bikini Selfies
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I firmly, but tenderly believe that boobs can save the world. Funbags are designed for two explicit purposes. To engender mating and calm nerves. I don’t see what other types of medicines or cures we could ever need as a people. Sedate and calm and making many babies. That’s how I imagine Utopia, you know, provided I’m heavily involved in that reproductive process and primarily with girls as fine and as buxom bodacious as Jessica Davies, kind enough to provide peeks at her sweet blessed peaks from within arms lengths.

Selfies really have become a double edged sword. There are the constant and tired mugs of your friends on Facebook and Kris Jenner, then there are hallelujah for technology moments like Jessica flashing her own hooters. I suppose that is the nature of all inventions and innovations, they can be used for good or bad. Jessica, these are very very good. Enjoy.

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Jessica Davies Fishent Topless Boobtastic Teases Up Something Big for a Ta-Ta Tuesday

Jessica Davies Topless in a Fishnet Bodystocking
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Sometimes, you just need to feast your peeps upon a hot blonde in a fishnet body suit. Sometimes as in all the time I might add. Jessica Davies in a see-through mesh bodysuit is just about the hottest thing on the planet, until she takes off the mesh and reveals another level of sextastic. It’s like watching that volcano explosion video, then along comes the sonic boom. Sonic boobtastic.

This entire world could cease to exist so long as Jessica Davies and I were left to survive in a 10′x 1o’ room covered in bear skin rugs, machine washable, naturally, and I could be a happy man. Okay, I’d probably need a stocked mini-fridge and a library of NFL Films with Steve Sabol’s voice, but that and Jessica and the bearskins is all I’d need. Oh, man, what if she wanted her mom to move in with us? I might need a bigger post-apocalypse hang out. Jessica, let’s do this. Call me. I’m in the book under Desperate. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Jessica Davies Topless in Kinky Lingerie for The Full Libido Burn

Jessica Davies In Black Lingerie For A Topless Striptease
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What I wouldn’t give to see bodaciously stacked glamour model Jessica Davies topless in some fetish black kinky lingerie. Oh, wait, what have we here. Just like that, if you lead a clean life and wish upon a falling star, here comes the boobtastic and heavenly hot Jessica Davies in an outfit I thought only existed in my secret nighttime dreams. If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. Okay, I stole that from Cinderella. But seeing Jessica Davies stripping so, I feel like my own fairy godmother has descended.

On Wednesdays we celebrate the peak of the week with a peek at the peaks of the planet that make us ever so happy to be men and hot Sapphic leaning ladies. Jessica Davies may never be President or Prime Minister, but the amount of good she can do with that ridiculously hot body of hers surpasses the benevolence of any mere elected official. She does actual good. Huzzah! Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Jessica Davies Topless Striptease Deserves Your Attention

Jessica Davies Sexy Topless Photoshoot in a Bar
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We don’t need a day of the week to celebrate beautiful bodies and sweet funbags, but why else would anybody make a holiday to celebrate anything else? During the midpoint of each work week, we like to call attention specifically to one girl whose body and looks give us so much happiness, she probably doesn’t even realize. Today, that particular vision of lovely is Jessica Davies, so ridiculously hot and tingle inducing, Jess couldn’t possibly fathom how many millions of men and Sapphic leaning women she makes smile just by stripping out of her clothes and smiling lovingly for the camera.

Someday, I’d like to go to this bar where they keep shooting beautiful women taking their lingerie tops off. The bars I go to are mostly dudes who smell like hot sauce. Not nearly as nice as finding Jessica Davies in just her panties grabbing an Amstel at the bar and patting the seat next to her she saved just for you. Dare to dream. Huzzah!

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Four Fine Blondes: Holly Eriksson, Melissa Debling, Danica Thrall, and Jessica Davies Lingerie Topless Striptease Galore

Danica Thrall, Jessica Davies, Melissa Debling and Holly Eriksson Topless Nuts Shoot
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I love it when the gals get together for a coffee. Or, you know, to get into little itty bits of lingerie for a wild four-blondes deep striptease. I might lean toward the latter a bit actually. Especially when it’s the likes of Melissa Debling, Jessica Davies, Danica Thrall, and Holly Eriksson removing their tops playfully for this sorority fun shoot for Nuts magazine.

Naturally, any man with the willingness to let his imagination run wild knows that one sextastic topless girl is plenty fine, but four together makes for one epic visual wonderment of the forever told in stories variety. Trust me, if you’re great great grandfather had spent the night with four blonde hotites of this caliber, you’d still be hearing about it one hundred years later. Every family has its point of distinction. As for me, I’m content to eat popcorn and ogle this faptastic foursome and their heaping of eight-strong funbag goodness. Enjoy.

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Jessica Davies Shows Her British Love Mounds


British hottie and clothes removal expert Jessica Davies shows off her Rue Brittanias in this amazing topless shoot. Jessica sports some pretty revealing lingerie in these pictures. You know, that stuff your girlfriend only wears on your birthday. But I can almost guarantee that your girlfriend doesn’t look this good. I like Jessica because she has just enough meat on her to make her look healthy but hasn’t crossed over into the “needs to cut back on the Oreos” phase. Her breasts are just the right size too. Not too small but not so big that handling them will give you carpal tunnel syndrome. I’ve always thought that a good rule of thumb is what I call the yarmulke test. Would her cup size be too big or too small for me to wear on my head to the synagogue.

I believe that I could totally sport Jessica’s cups to schul without causing too much of a fuss. I go to a very progressive synagogue.