Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Muy Caliente in Latina Magazine

Oddly enough, it wasn't but a few years ago Jessica Alba was distancing herself from her grandfather's Mexican heritage. I don't remember all the specifics, but it got tons of people up in arms over her comments about not feeling at all connected or wanting to be labeled to Latinas. Well, how the worm turns. Maybe it was having kids and reconnect with her roots or maybe it was just wanting the chance to look super hot in a Hispanic focused magazine, either way, Jessica Alba turns up the heat in the April edition of Latina magazine. Classy, but super sextastic, as she is ought to be.

I can sort of relate to Jessica's ancestry plight. There was a time I did not want to share with people that my grandfather was a horny polar bear who made his way into Juneau, Alaska one breeding evening and made babies with my grandma who happened to be a bit of an ursophile. But there comes a time that we all must take pride in where we come from. And if we can do that while looking all kinds of supremely hot on the cover of a magazine, all the better. Good on you, Jessica. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez Highlight the Innocent Hotness at the Kid’s Choice Awards

There's a reason we don't let tweens vote, or drive, or have money, or, in the modern world, have children of their own. They make some bad decisions. Yes, with adults coming in a close second no doubt in terms of taste. But middle schoolers, wow, they really have some floundering taste. When Nickelodeon lets the kids decide each year to pass out awards to their favorite celebrities, you can count on two things -- first, a bunch of kids from the teen TV machines will be dressed shiny and innocent to accept awards, and, second, Katy Perry will be showing some cleavage. (Oh, also, the least fat Kardashian sister will be in attendance, which, actually turned out to be Khloe this year, of all unexpected surprises.)

Still, the hotties do show up, teens and former teen stars alike, including hot mom Jessica Alba, the aforementioned Katy Cocktease, Selena Gomez pretending she isn't in the very raunchy Spring Breakers out in theaters, Bella Thorne, Debby Ryan, and a bunch more. All looking their cutesy best for the kids. I'm sure somebody got slimed. Oh, boy. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Is a National Treasure (And, By National Treasure, I Mean I Really Want to Have Sex With Her)

If you're not a subscriber to Women's Health magazine, well, it's probably because you're not a woman, or very healthy, or, perhaps because you never imagined how many hot women a woman's health magazine could contain. But, I do. It's my job. I'm a detective.

And therein contains the deliciously hot Jessica Alba, who has shied away from most male attention since restocking her prodigious brood, but who can not hide from being one of the most desirable moms in the world, from a meaningful personality and  intercourse perspective.

Lay down your plastic matting if you will and take a peek behind the quite innocent, but must-see scenes, of Jessica's magazine photoshoot...

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Jessica Alba, Ever MILFtastic, in Women’s Health Magazine

Anything Alba, always hot.

At times, Jessica Alba appears to be stepping out of her mommy and mommy-business woman role and back into the sextastic modeling. But it's fleeting glimpses of her still shining bright amazing looks, then back into her business wear to operate her booming Internet kid friendly products business and stroller time with the offspring.

So, we were more than pleased to see the MILFtastic Jessica Alba featured in this month's Women's Health magazine, showing off a little something something. And while it's not quite Jessica in yoga pants bending over a bouncy-ball (which I am currently imagining), anything Alba, always hot.

Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez Strut Their Respective Red Carpet Veteran Hot Bodies Over the Weekend

Two of my personal favorites. A thirty-something and a forty-something strutting their respective stuffs on red carpets. Jessica Alba looking cleavy and decked out for the Producers Guild Awards in Los Angeles; an image of the hot mom reminding us why we so badly want her to swath us in clean diapers and put something pacifying into our open maws.

And, in Vegas, Jennifer Lopez flashes her hot, still award-winning MILFtastic body for the opening of Parker, a combo Sin City and faptastic village upon seeing Jennifer still more than looking squeezable in another form fitting dress. And she pulls it off in fine ogle-worthy fashion. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Drop Dead Gorgeous for InStyle Magazine

Jessica Alba can't ever not look hot, but she looks particularly eye-popping in this Dusan Reljin photoshoot for InStyle magazine, wherein the model and occasional actress and now bank-making mommy businesswoman wears far too many clothes for our purposes, but, doesn't matter, because when you're this sextastic, even a junior level Egotastic! reader can imagine away those nonsensical threads down to the bare goodies

Jessica Alba is one of the few who have made the leap from young hottie to grown up MILFtastic hottie; the few we ogle with extra pride and extra layers of plastic matting on the floor. The greats. Enjoy.

Amy Adams, Jessica Alba, Sarah Hyland, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Lead List of Hotties on the 2013 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet

Well, the big leagues of the collective celebrity circle jerk known as Awards Season kicked off this Sunday evening with the 2013 Golden Globe Awards dishing out trophies to people who just had to thank a bunch of producers and agents and the dude who washes their Bentley.

And while we have to give a generally 'tame' rating to the sextastic level at the actual event, when you have such a massive gathering of sweet looking thespianics, you're going to find some serious lovely toy things to leer at one the red carpet, including our very favorites this year, Amy Adams, Jessica Alba, Sarah Hyland, Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry, Taylor Swift, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Heidi Klum. And a bunch others too, so check out the entire gallery of the girls whose $10K dresses we'd like to rip from their bodies and give them an award of our own. Enjoy.