Jessica Alba

Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and More Hotties from the 2014 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Let’s be honest. There’s really no reason for the MTV Movie Awards each year. MTV doesn’t even run music anymore, let alone have movie coverage outside of paid advertisements. The show hasn’t been fun since my fond memories of going with Tila Tequila to the red carpet to raise a ruckus and have Tila shot out her love for celebrity lady nest to all the MTV celebs.

Nevertheless, it’s Viacom which means publicity and some fine looking babes pimping various projects and showing up all hot and bothered. Hot at least. The parade of sextastic ladies at this year’s event included boobtastic Rita Ora, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Nicki Minaj, Bella Thorne, Debby Ryan and others little bits of decked out delight. As for the show itself, let’s just say checking out these good looking ladies is 99.9% of the entertainment value from the entire evening’s events. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Putting the Goods on Black and White Display in Sin City 2

Officially, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. For the younger generation, the word ‘dame’ is what you used to call a girl when you had to take off five layers of her clothes just to get to her bush. Yes, I know, they had those too back then. Either way, Sin City 2 has Jessica Alba in not many clothes, which makes it an instant must-see flick this summer.

You can check out snapshots of Jessica Alba showing off in her bra in Sin City 2 on WWTDD.

Taylor Momsen Taped Up Frontal or Jessica Alba Down Top Jigglers, Which Do I Yearn For More?

Do you know me?  Do you really know me? I’m not sure anybody besides my mom, my psychic, and my obese cat, Mr. Wonderful, really know me inside and out. For instance, if given the choice between being the man who gets to remove the tape from the body of young punky bad girl Taylor Momsen or being able to motorboat Jessica Alba and her fine mommy at the park knockers, which would I choose?

No, this is not a trick question. It is one of these two most delicious and individually dreamy options. I will reveal my answer at the end of the day on Egotastic! Facebook. That’s called a tease. And not a very deft one at that. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Goes Snakeskin Miniskirt to Make You Look

You can’t really help leer at Jessica Alba, even when she’s in mommy housewife mode. Especially when she’s out and about in a short snakeskin skirt that triggers between one and one thousand Alba fantasy moments. She’s not even trying, or, maybe, just a little, but looking so mighty fine every guy in the street is cranking their neck to see her run her errands.

Jessica Alba was one of the many celebrity ladies invited to the Gwen Steffani baby shower in L.A, running around grabbing presents and fineries and whatever else you bring to a baby shower. Sadly, I’ve never been invited, even to the sweet lesbionic couples to whom I donate my reproductive services. But if they’re filled with girls who look like Jessica Alba in miniskirts, I’d sure like to attend. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Still the Hottest Mom at the Park in Short Shorts and Tights.

Well, you know we follow Jessica Alba anywhere. If culture norms dictated, we’d bring the GoPro into the ladies room right behind her whilst wearing our wig and Khloe Kardashian dress to sneak in. But, we are gentlemen of an ogling nature, so we stick to the public arena where Jessica spent the weekend as the hottest mom at the park who doesn’t even try to be the hottest mom.

I guess she can’t help it, even though she tends to wardrobe rather mommy like most of the time, the short shorts and tights just rang our bell, even in the relatively cold weather for L.A.. There’s no hiding the Alba sextastic, not even behind the veil of mommy. Enjoy.


Jessica Alba Booty Comes Into View in a Tattoo Parlor

Earlier, we got to see down Jessica’a top, now a view at the hot mommy bottom of Jessica Alba bending over in jeans in, of all places, a tattoo parlor. Now, I know what you’re thinking, she’s probably getting my initials and hers together in a heart with an arrow and maybe a ‘will never happen’ logo. I’m not completely sure. I do hate to think of her going with the wrong permanent selection, though a little ink on Jessica could be rather hot in the right places.

Until such time as we get to see those particular places, we’ll be quite content just staring at her mom in jeans bottom, casually leaning forward as if to say, ‘Hey, I’m Jessica Alba, I know damn well this is killing half the world, deal with this honest product.’ Or maybe she’s just resting. Still another lovely Alba-treat. Enjoy.

I Don’t Need a Lot to Keep Me Happy

I get this question all the time — Bill, how did you get to be so handsome and generous and strong, like an ox, but with the tender heart of a wounded pussycat.

Of course, there is no single answer to this question. But I can tell you that the key to the happy part is all about being content with the simple pleasures in life. Sure, I’d like that yacht I’ve always talked about, and playing snake bite in the wild with the co-leads of 2 Broke Girls wouldn’t be too shabby, but the real key to satisfaction is finding what you need in your own backyard. And if you happen to find Jessica Alba bending over in your backyard, why then, what else could you possibly need? Enjoy.