Jess Kingham

Jess Kingham Returns Her Epic Teats in the Form of Visual Treats

Jess Kingham Strips Topless for a Hot Photoshoot
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I’ve really missed super bodacious Britty hottie Jess Kingham. I’m not sure where glamour models go when they’re on long hiatus, but I like to imagine it’s a tropical island filled with topless curvaceous women who tan by day and make passionate group love by evenings. It could be true.

Jess Kingham has the kind of body that inspires men to do great things. Or super foolish things. Or both. It’s just damn inspiring. Her boobtastic makes me feel special all over. I wish I could point out to the most special places in person, but I’d probably get slapped. Which would make me feel even more special. Jess, do you see the awesome shame spiral you’ve sent me down with that passion inducing body of yours? I’m truly innocent. Enjoy.

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Jess Kingham Topless Snow White Costume Shoot Makes Our Magical Kingdom Tingle

Jess Kingham Topless Snow White Photoshoot
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Are you like me? Were you forced to visit the Disney theme parks this holiday (and uber-crowded) weekend because of some silly judicial order regarding quality time with your approximately seven illegitimate children from four different countries and state of Rhode Island? I feel so alone. Though that is not a feeling you can experience packed like a sardine with 37,000 fellow amusement park goers into a surprisingly small number of acres.

And all you could think about to save your brain from melting into mania was the thought of female costume characters nekkid and what they might look like beneath their costumes. Well, blessed by an anonymous EgoReader who sent us these wicked hot photos of Britty glamour model Jess Kingham in a Snow White homage that can only be described as heaven-sent.

I think I have a vision of what Disneyland could be for adults, if Egotastic! ran the Magical Kingdom. Enjoy.

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Jess Kingham Topless Pictures for the Absolute Best Way to Introduce Yourself on Egotastic!

Jess Kingham Topless in Nuts
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There’s a polite ‘hello’. Then there’s bringing candy to the door. Or beer, that is better than candy. Or even a sexy wink and beer, one of the great ways to show up at our doorstep. But the very best way? An outlandishly hot topless pictorial in the delightfully D-cup filled Nuts magazine, which is exactly how Jess Kingham makes her way onto our pages, and into our hearts, today. 

Whatever happened between us Yanks and the Brits a couple hundred years ago, well, consider it all but forgotten, if we can lay our lust-filled eyes upon the likes of Jess Kingham, we just have to call it even. Or, double evens. Jess Kingham’s funbags might just save the world. Enjoy.