Jesica Hereñu

Humpday Huzzah! A Double Dose of Jesica Hereñu Topless Hotness for Sudamericana Muy Sextastica Dreams

Jesica Herenu Topless Photoshoot in Hombre Magazine
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Even during a shortened holiday week, the hump of the five day stretch deserves some extra special TLC. Or T&A. Or just the ridiculously sultry Argentinean reality show starlet Jesica Herenu on the pages of Hombre magazine. Jesica reminds me precisely why the lovely ladies of the Latin region are known worldwide for their ability to seduce men with just the wink of an eye, let alone the stripping down of all clothes and sticking their butts in the air.

And, because you can’t possibly get enough of the sweet and delicious Jesica Herenu, and because many of you have asked, (after the jump) take a peek back a year ago at her local Playboy cover pictorial because it is absolutely a sight for sore eyes and other soon to be sore body parts. Simply smoking hot. Huzzah!

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Jesica Herenu Topless Playboy Argentina Photoshoot September 2012

Thank God It’s Funbags! Jesica Herenu Drops Some Heavy Duty Heffer Bombs in Maxim


Oh, yeah, it’s late on Friday, but trust you me, it is still most definitely Friday. I know this for two reasons. One, my topless girls dressed as cartoon characters wall calendar tells me so. But, also, the smell of Creme de Menthe from the tech nerd side of the office begins to waft on getaway day. I’m not even sure why the geeks drink that stuff, or if they’re just wearing it, but I can smell it every Friday.

And, on Fridays, kind of like every other day of the week, but with even a bit more gusto, we celebrate all things funbaggery and delicious, this week with the sultry Latina former Big Brother contestant, Jesica Herenuappearing in her native Argentina’s Maxim magazine this month. And, well, looking at Jesica we are now fully-prepared for our weekend. Once we get rid of this Menthe smell. Enjoy.


READER FINDS: Kelly Kelly Covered Topless, Geri Halliwell Teen Naughty, Taylor Swift Bikini Top, Olivia Wilde Private Pics and Much More



On the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year of the millennium (or is this the twelfth year of the millennium?), you readers have delivered unto Egotastic! another utterly and randomly delightful air-drop of the celebrity skintastic that can only be described as Hodgepodge Hotness. It’s really a revelation each week to see what arrives at our doorstep wrapped in a plain brown wrapper.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Kelly Kelly flashing some star-covered funbags, Geri Halliwell in a maybe this is her classic topless find, G-rated Taylor Swift getting all kinds of PG-rated, Olivia Wilde revealing her hotness in some personal pics by the ex-husband, Jessica Wright in a delicious magazine spread, Jesica Herenu in a Sudamericana passion-inducing pictorial, a 20-year salute to Price is Right model hottie, Dian Parkinson, a much clearer version of sultry Bianca Kajlich in her topless cinematic venture from this past summer, and a rather revealing spread of Jessie Wallace from EastEnders. A treasure trove of Tinsel Town ta-tas.

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Thank God It’s Funbags (TGIF): Big Brother Contestant Jesica Hereñu Shows Off Twin Sisters in Maxim



No reason to beat a slowly moving Sarah Jessica Parker to death here, but we’ve said it one million times or more: Big Brother (and all reality franchises) are simply better overseas. For this week’s edition of Thank God It’s Funbags, where we celebrate our two favorite things in life, Fridays and luscious boobs (technically, that may be three things), we take an ogle worthy visit to our good friends and neighbors in Argentina and Big Brother contestant Jesica Hereñu who has blessedly offered up her body boobtastic to the pages of the local Maxim. I can’t say I would dig cameras on me 24 x 7, but if that was the price paid to be deliciously confined to a small house hosting those spectacular funbags, I’d sign my name on the dotted line but quick. Enjoy.