Jesica Cirio

Jesica Cirio Lingerie Pictures for Slightly Brushed, But Total Booty Perfection

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen hide or hair or body flashes from Argentinean hottie model and singer and a bunch of other things, Jesica Cirio. I wonder where she’s been. I like to think she’s been weaving her hair into a sweater for me with a picture of our two bodies intertwined. But I’m realistically forecasting that at maybe twenty-percent likelihood.

Either way, Jesica is back and appearing in an photoshoot for Cocot Lingerie, and while the photos have been slightly touched by computer graphics, there’s no denying that basic sextastic booty-centric building blocks Jesica brings to the work table. Oh, that Italian-Sudamericana bottom. Somebody needs to sculpt a statue. I wish I was even reasonably artistic. Enjoy.

Jesica Cirio in a Leopard Print Thong Bikini at the Beach in Miami

Jesica Cirio Bikini Pictures Slip Some Nip For Continued Argentinean Pride

Go, go, go, Argentina! The Sudamericana celebrities are lighting up the beaches of Miami this week with continued skin and hot bodied show, including model and TV personality Jesica Cirio whose body got so wanton that part of it tried to slip out of her bikini top on the beach. Buenas dias boobtastica.

First, the Italian invasion, now the Argentineans are hitting our beaches with tremendous aplomb (and plums). I think I have the solution to all of our immigration problems. All girls who look wicked hot in bikinis go to the head of the line. Enjoy.

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