Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee Splish Splash Bikini Coming Undone Beach Play Time in Miami

There’s no mom quite like BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee when it comes to public displays of asstastic in or around the Miami area. The hardbodied mother knows how to work the crowd with her beach and poolside wet two-piece stretching and preening and making magic happen routines. Having her bikini nearly fall off is not just her job, it’s her calling in life.

Somedays, I wonder how I would survive seeing this type of maternal bikini exhibition. Could my racing heart actually stand the daily ka-thunk of watching Jennifer step right out of an 80′s music video and into my visual landscape. I like to think so. Especially now that I’ve stopped wearing Speedos in public. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Shows Off Her Hard Worked Body Like No Other Mommy Can

Well if it isn’t BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee back out in public providing answers as to how her booty and body get so toned and hot for a lovely mommy type.

That white body suit of hers can’t possibly be adopted by 99% of the female population, but for those ladies who can wear it well, I really really hope you do. You really owe it to the drooling ogling gentleman public who need daytime fodder for their nighttime fantasies. Jennifer Nicole Lee knows how to work it, rework it, and then get it paid. Oh, mama. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Strips Down to Her Bikini by the Pool in Miami

I’m not sure how your mom gets down to her bathing suit by the public pool, but if your mom happens to be BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee, it’s long and teasy and with her thong-covered rear dangling into eyeball space. I’m not sure they teach that disrobing technique at your regular mom schools. But they should.

Yes, Jennifer Nicole Lee is quite the obvious attention-getter, but what better place to turn your attention than to the toned and tight body of the workout instructor and all-around naughty exhibitionist mom. These ladies don’t just grow on trees you know. Though if they did, I would plant as many as possible in my small backyard, even if the hot moms fell into my neighbor’s yard and we got into a snit. Mmm, a MILF tree. How amazing would that be? Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Pictures Pink Neon Lights the Way to MILFtastic Assitude

Say what you want about BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee and her staged bikini photo opportunities, the girl, err, the mom, definitely has the tight body to back up her demand for attention. She also seems to own a good number of bikinis that cover up very little of her PTA hot mom body. Including those seat cheeks of hers that look like they could crack a walnut betwixt them. I should would like to see her try that party trick. I might even have a substitute for a walnut I could recommend.

But, I digress. Such is the nature of this toned and muscular mom that I tend to lose my thought when starting directly at her firm mommy body. Yes, she’s being obvious. No, I don’t care that she is being obvious. I just find it naughtier. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Manages to Keep Her Bikini On, Just Like a Wonder Woman

I know many of you were wondering if Jennifer Nicole Lee had the ability to ever wear a bikini without it malfunctioning. Well, the answer is yes. And that’s kind of too bad I guess. But I suppose when you’re dressed as Wonder Woman, you have a few extra super powers with which to keep your two piece tied up.

Now, I know there is a limit to how much of a tease we can take from any woman before we simply demand some far more racy photos. We may be nearing that point with Jennifer. At the same time, I do have a soft spot in my heart for hard bodied moms. I’d sure like JNL to make me eat my milk and cookies, with extreme prejudice. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Paddleboard Yoga the Way It Was Intended to Be

Just when you thought BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee was stuck in the exhibitionist rut of bikini wardrobe malfunctions, the 30′s something mom has turned her game up a notch, adding the celeb-popular recreation of paddleboarding yoga to her public displays of asstastic repertoire.

Jennifer is not a shy mom, so the chance to stretch and bend and extend and flash her toned body on the slim paddleboard was something she seemed to grab onto with extreme gusto, if not full bore pole dancing type modesty. Yes, Jennifer Nicole Lee is not a shy mom, but I bet she makes PTA bikini night much more fun at her kids’ school. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Slipping Time (Warning: These Photos May Contain Staged Wardrobe Malfunction)

Okay, you can stop writing me your crayon-stenciled letters. I get it. I was born at night, but not last night (although, yes, in a manger). BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is perhaps staging her repeated bikini tops and bottoms slips for the benefit of the surrounding and spying cameramen. I mean, she’s a grown woman and mother of two and successful fitness business owner, she knows how to tie a bikini.  On the other hand…

…if a stacked and toned body MILF wants to intentionally flash her chest and pubis for whatever reason, who am I to look away? Sure, I can see how men of principle and standards might be tempted to do so. Thankfully, I’m not so burdened with such sentimentality. I’m a purist, eagle-eyed and narrow in focus. See hot woman, ogle hot woman, ask questions later, and, always, enjoy.