Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Booty Shorts and Maybe Slipping a Little Lip in the Name of World Cup Glory

If you're going to be pimping the World Cup, Jennifer Lopez seems like the right person to do so. She's about as widely acclaimed in the Western Hemisphere as is the sport of soccer itself. I'd take Jennifer over the foot-only game any day, but I get that people can delight in both spectacles.

Jennifer was in Florida filming a promo commercial for World Cup Brazil in a tight and revealing pair of short shorts that no only showed off her still veteran asstastic cheeks, but seemed to reveal a bit of her Lopez lady nest when she crouched a bit un-ladylike for a sweet crotch look-at-me-now shot for the cameras. Hard to say for sure, but me thinks I spy a bit of a lip slip. Frontside, backside, Jennifer had it going on en fuego style. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Smoking Hot at Fox Party for American Idol

Jennifer Lopez looked pretty damn amazing at the Fox event promoting American Idol, which is hard to believe is still on the air, but it is, and that means more of Jennifer decked out and showing off her veteran skills.

The 44-year old singer, dancer, and all around Latina hottie shows zero signs of slowing down, and with Idol just beginning, we can count on four months of some pretty hot looks from Jennifer, maybe even another silly song debut where she will roll around on the floor in a revealing outfit and lip-synch something pretty horrible. I care not. I just want to see Jennifer rolling around on the floor like a sweaty hot mom with an amazing derriere. Give it to me, Idol. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Turns 44, We Turn To Her Booty for Birthday Smiles

It's simply amazing how amazing Jennifer Lopez looks at 44 today. I attribute it to great genes and that dancer body. I say that as a man who got substandard genes and a circus clown body. All that booty shaking really does keep the booty in shape.

We've poked a little fun at Jennifer for rebounding from her marriage by doinking her 20-something backup dancer and then buying him a truck, and a few other mid-life crisis type events, but at the end of the day, when I find that leprechaun at the end of the rainbow and he grants me the dream of ten minutes of sweet sexy time with any 44-year old woman on this planet. I'm going for J-Lo. Happy Birthday, Jenny

Jennifer Lopez Classically Sextastic for W Magazine

Again, a bit of acknowledgment of the work for the boys in post-production on these photos, not to mention some credit for this straightest of super masculine straight males for purchasing W magazine, both for the fabulous wardrobe advice and to see the sights of such veteran hotness as Jennifer Lopez in this highly stylized pictorial.

Say what you will about Jennifer Lopez, but you can not say she isn't holding her own now as a mom in her 40's, still just one incredible looking lady with a dancer's body and that God-gifted booty of hers. If I had an actual bed post, or footboard, or anything resembling more than an Ikea faux wood bed frame, I'd love to see J-Lo wrapped slinkily about it in various little boudoir dresses.

Jenny from the Block still remains one of the stellar veteran sextastics, maybe it's all that backup dancer fun time she's been having of late. But she seems to be shining. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Still Has a Really Nice Dumper

I think it's worth pointing out when one of our veteran hotties still very much has it going on. And downstairs in the back of her store, yes, Jennifer Lopez is still issuing the hits.

Filming something or other that probably pays her a fortune in New York, Jennifer was in a form fitting skirt, revealing the true talents of the Latina diva and celebrity with a badonkadonk that belongs in the legendary category. It's just so, so, perfect. That is all. Enjoy.

Uma Thurman Boobtastic and Jennifer Lopez Booty Highlight the Hotness at the amfAR Gala

The good folks at amfAR like to throw a party, seemingly every weekend now. They tap the kegs more often than your local frat house. But, tt's a good cause so onward I say, especially since they always do seem to have a fine contingent of sextastic celebrities in attendance, showing off their fineries.

At the amfAR Inspiration Gala last night in the Big Apple, two particular ladies really stood out. Uma Thurman for her bouncing udders both upright and down top as she lowered her mommy milkers into plain sight. And Jennifer Lopez, for an ever fine booty that she just so happens to exhibit in dresses cut tight across her rump. Bless you for that, Jenny from the Block.

All in all, it looked like another spectacular party that I was not invited too. I'm guessing my $5 donation was not up to snuff for VIP treatment. Still, ogling remains the very cheap and heavily fulfilling alternative. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Flashing a Little Slip, Blake Lively Short Skirt, and Rita Ora Cleavage Highlight the Sound of Change Concert

Billed as an event to support women and girls worldwide, a cause we believe in by our very sole purpose in life, to adore the ladies, the Sound of Change concert in London brought out a bevy of female superstars determined to do their part. And, of course, we did check out the parts, provided finely by Jennifer Lopez who either had a wardrobe malfunction of meant to show off what looks like a good part of her nips, Blake Lively who has nothing to do with music but she wore a very short skirt and we dig her so deeply, and Rita Ora, the big 'it' girl in pop music who is not shy about showing off skin. A

All in all I have to call the event a major success for women, and, as a relatively nice byproduct, the gentleman oglers who love them. Enjoy.